Cat chases bear up tree

No, seriously.


That’s a heavy cat.

Super pussy.

Kitteh! ^^


Laugh now, but in no time at all it’s going to be us.

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords!

I have no idea where that phrase even came from. I’m such a whore.

That bear’s a pussy.

wouldn’t want to run into that cat in a dark alley:hahaha;

Nah, stupid bear.

Let’s make the catalog again: Cat beats bird, mouse, bear. Clean clothes as well.

I now believe that a sole kitten was responsible for the mauling of an African tourgroup.

Go, go Jack!

Reminds me of the karate zebra which screwed over a lion recently. :o Bad news for humans, the food chain is reversing!

Kitty power!!!

Bah, my cat is too lazy to do anything that awesome. All he does is sleep and eat. Sometimes both at once. Maybe Colbert could use a couple of cats like this one, eh?