Cat breeds with dog. Hilarity ensures.

  1. Yes, that’s right. But that’s not the point.
  2. The point is that even kids know that dogs don’t come from cats.
  3. Indeed, if a cat and dog did mate, the sperm would be seen as an intruder and would be destroyed. If, by some miracle, the dog did impregnate a cat, the resulting hybrid would probably die vithin a very short time (I wouldn’t give it an hour even if it were hooked up to life support).

A kid knows that dogs don’t come from cats once it’s TOLD they don’t. If some 2 year old kid was told by his parents that dogs come from cats for years, he’d grow up with that belief, same goes for parents telling their kids that all people from nation xy are responsible for the bad shit in the world (yay for racism at young age). You have to LEARN in order to know. It’s a simple as that. If people could explain the entire world just by logical thinking, we wouldn’t have science.

And I wouldn’t call people “stupid” simply for being misinformed, and Ren, I’m amazed that you actually do. Coming from Brazil you should know how badly it stands with education there (even in good schools as you mentioned -_-), and people are naive and superstitious. What seems logical to us may not seem logical to someone who is badly educated and surrounded by people who teach stuff based merely on traditions, superstitions, fables and so on. The schools are bad, yes, but when people are being taught the wrong stuff it’s really not their fault.

Sorry if that’s the message I passed. I intended to say something else, along the lines of what you just said. It’s the beliefs that are retrograde, not the people. Most of them have a very good potential, but I feel sad because it’s often wasted.

Reading my first post again I also saw it may seem like a direct attack against religion. I have to correct that too. The catholic church is actually and actively fighting against most of those believes involving baptism and marriages, it’s the believers who unfortunately just keep spreading the stories.

All Turks are evil and just want to steal jobs from hard working Germans.

It’s sad to see the ridiculous things uneducated people will believe in.

You make it sound as if that’s their fault, Manus.

Yeah, that’s true. Then again they make some damn good Kebab! (And the job- stealing ones are more the polish, really. The turks just exploit the social system and knife down innocent citizens!)