Dawn of Sorrow looks so sweet. I am gonna pick up a DS just for it. I can’t wait for it. It takes place a few years after Aria of Sorrow, and some cult is trying to kill Soma, because as long as he lives, Dracula cannot be resurrected.

Curse of Darkness is looking pretty good too. I enjoyed Lament of Innocence, though it could have been much better. It just felt too simplistic. Hopefully, Curse of Darkness will improve it, and we will have another good 3D Castlevania. It takes place after Castlevania 3, and Trevor Belmont makes an appearance, and you even fight him!

Watch the trailers, they are pretty cool.

I would seriously consider getting a DS just to play this game. I know I’m not going to, though (it’s just too much to shell out).

DoS is the only game for the DS I’m interested in, but like Cid said, it’s just too much money for one game. And Curse of Darkness…oh god, I want this game so bad. I just hope the areas aren’t as repetitive as Lament of Innocence’s maps were. I hate corridors now with an utmost passion. =/

Yeah, that was my peeve about the LoI…I think most of the rooms there were corridors. :\

I still rather liked Lament of Innocence, but I heard that they are working on dungeon designs in Curse of Darkness, which is a good sign.

I am very interested in a DS just for Lunar; however, Dawn of Sorrow is another great reason to get it. Perhaps if I get some extra cash, I might just do it.

Exactly. Great minds think alike. :smiley:

Or they just copy me, copycat

Advance Wars: Dual Strike looks awesome too, I am gonna pick that up as well :open_mouth:

Oooh, forgot all about that one! Add one more to the list.

Lunar on the DS?

Indeed, I think there’s some card battle system in the game also:Lunar: Dragon Song

It’s a little strange though, it says you can preorder it for just 29.99. Not that I’d complain about that or anything. I didn’t know it was coming out so soon either. The screenshots remind me of the screenshots I’ve seen of Suikoden 1 and 2.

I own a DS and I don’t have a single game for it except that Metroid demo that came with it. Still, Fire Emblem and Tactics Ogre and all my other GBA games look really great on it anyway.