Castlevania: Symphony of Night This Wednesday on XBox Live Arcade

Just found out myself - just a rumorright now but rumors on the XBox forums about upcoming XBLA games are usually accurate.

Hopefully it can tide me over until Mass Effect comes out :hyperven:

Can one play as Maria, as in the Saturn version?

Would one want to play as Maria, as in the Saturn Version?

From what I’ve heard from reviewers who get paid to write their stuff (and who’ve played the Saturn version of SotN) we won’t ever see the Saturn version with Maria here in the states. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. I have seen the Maria levels myself, and they’re…disappointing. Mind you, I once considered buying a Japanese Saturn console just to play the Saturn version. Yes, I r hardkore fangrilz. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the reason that SotN for Saturn wasn’t released here was because the graphic effects for Saturn were not up to par with the graphics of PSX, and Maria’s part didn’t have any storyline to go along with her bit of the game. So no running into Alucard, or anyone else for that matter, for a chat. (Which is disappointing because it would’ve been rather interesting to build up her character more in SotN beyond the “oh look, a girl” factor.)

I’d say unless you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanna play that particular version, or you’re one of those guys who likes collecting games, get the ROM from somewhere.