Castlevania DS: Videos and screenshots.

Gamespot article + gameplay videos

Watch it. Listen to it. It will be glorious. Fucking glorious.

I want this…like right now.

Heh, my Mom was righ tot buy that DS after all. I actually have never played a 2D side-scrolling Castlevania game. I’ve pretty much played every other game for the series it seems, so this’ll be cool. Dig the music.

Wow, someone who’s never played a 2d side scrolling Castlevania?

But hey, it’s cool. That does look awesome. But it still won’t be better than Simon’s Quest.

Damn. That’s fucking awesome.

Ah, this looks lovely.

I really enjoyed AoS. Let’s hope…no no no, We don’t need to hope that this will be great :smiley:

Now I really want a DS.

*PS: Anyone seen Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for the PS2 yet? Looks pretty nice, you play as Dracula’s Student :open_mouth:

I knew getting a DS would be a good thing :smiley: