Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

Man, I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet. I have to say this is pretty cool. It is easily the best classic Castlevania. The controls are nice and responsive, has lots of secrets, it looks great, and is just plain fun. I was a bit hesitant to get it since I like the Metroidvania style of the recent Castlevanias more than the classic gameplay. However, I’m actually enjoying the main game, which is a great relief. Anyone else pick it up or have thoughts on it?

No have PSP. -_-

Question though: when they included SotN on it, is it a straight port, or did they upgrade that too?

As far as I know, SotN is basically a straight port of the PSX version, but with a few minor additions:

[SPOILER]1. You fight Maria when you get the Holy Glasses (like in the Saturn version)

  1. Maria is a playable character (although she doesn’t play like Maria in the Saturn version does… she’s more like her Rondo of Blood incarnation)

  2. New voice acting.[/SPOILER]

As for Dracula X, I’ve played the original PC Engine version (thanks Kero!), and it does indeed rock. I’m glad that the original version of that is included on the collection too.

Hiryuu! Long time no see! :smiley:

And uh, you’re welcome… I can’t remember why it is that you’re thanking me. Did I send you a copy of Rondo of Blood or something?

Got my copy in the mail today…so far it’s kicking my ass, but it’s a great game. Can’t wait to unlock SotN and the original Rondo. :smiley:

Edit: They changed the dialogue and voice-overs in SotN. It’s kinda bizarro after having played the PSX one. :I

They changed the dialogue? I hope they left the “miserable pile of secrets” line intact.

Yeah, you sent me a burned copy of the PC Engine version of Rondo of Blood a LONG time ago.

Oh, and one last thing that’s different in this SotN version I forgot to mention:

The “Nose Goblin” familiar and the other Fairy familiar from the Japanese version of SotN that were cut from the US version are can now be found.

I want to buy this game…looks great.