CastleVania: Aria of Sorrow

Rocks. It’s like the best elements of CotM, SotN and HoD all rolled into one, and with a decent plot to boot…and collecting souls is cool, if boring at times. Get it if you can.

I ordered it yesterday from…looks pretty sweet. waits by the mailbox, ready to pounce >^_^<

I have it. The soul system is so cool, and hearts have been done away with. Now, you use MP to use sub weapons. And you can hold all the subweapons at once and switch between them. You don’t need to go back and find where to get the subweapon. You just need the red soul

Yeah, it’s a pretty cool game. Unfortunately for me I have no GBA so I am forced to use a rom. Aaand following GBA Castlevania tradition I get lost very quickly. But I’m still having fun :stuck_out_tongue:

OH MY GOD IS THIS GAME GREAT!!! Ok, I got that out. I’m having a lot of fun with this game so far. The soul system rocks.

salivates Castlephvaniaph…

Who do you play as? Didn’t look like Alucard…

You play as a boy called Soma Cruz.

I hate it already.

Never the less, i’ll purchase it later today.

It’s excellent so far. Seems kinda short, but so did Symphony.

I want the PS2 Castlevania.

Really neat game - it has the best story of the bunch, too (although even that’s not much of a story, it has some great twists). You NEED to get the good ending, though. :sunglasses: You get hints on how to get it from three books scattered around the map.

I agree that the story’s great and all, but the whole “castle trapped in the eclipse” thing is kinda cheesy. :smiley:

Yeah, I love it. I was hesitant about getting it since I though that the SNES Castlevania was alright, but nothing special. However, this is the game I’ve been dreaming of: an action game with levels and special abilities. When I first heard of the soul trading, I didn’t care, but now I love it. It is a great idea and makes them game interesting. I love how you gain levels. It adds enough depth to make thigns interesting, but it isn’t too RPGish that you can become a godly character. For those who say that the game doens’t look interesting and are expecting it to be like past Castlevanias, it has some differences (I played Castlevania 4 the most, but I have dabbled with the NES ones and first GBA one). First, it is in the future (this isn’t a spoiler, it is said so on the box); second, not too many traditional characters are used (I haven’t gotten too far, but it seems like Dracula is the only one), and then there are some others that I won’t say because of possible spoilers.

You know what I hate about this game? It doesn’t tell you where to go at all, you have to guess. right now, I’m at the Death Boss, and I’m like 5 lvls less than I have to be to beat it. and I skipped the Big Golem boss, and the Head Hunter Boss.

you should go back and beat those two bosses you skipped. beating bosses is the best way to level in any rpg.

yeah I will, and It will be easy, cuz I just leveled up so now I’m 26, instead of 20, which is what I was at when I posted that last message.

well, there you go.

you should be able to beat death now.

Hey, info, did you never play Symphony of the Night? Even if you didn’t play it on PSX, at least find the import Saturn version… it makes this game look like crap.

Yeah I beat Deaths ass!!!