Castlevaina: No longer dead and loving it

Just like Dracula himself, this movie just won’t stay dead. D:

On the plus side they FINALLY got somebody who doesn’t think the Vampire Killer is a sword. :smiley:

From what little that link tells, it seems as if the movie can now actually be something that doesn’t make you want a to ram a stake through the nearest heart. (Which, unless you or someone near to you has a VERY strange anatomy, would be your own.)

I’m still skeptical, but at least they got the iconic weapon right. I don’t care if the main dude ALSO uses a sword, but no Vampire Killer is a no-seller to me, no matter how ridiculous it might actually look in live-action.

They could easily make this into a great movie. Not just a great movie, but a great series of movies. Just as long as they don’t make it campy. and take it seriously. But they could easily make Ice-Cube simon belmont and shit on this.

Whew. It’s good to hear they wised up and got the whip back. Castlevania without the whip would be like Mario without his mustache.

But Mario had his moustache and it was still a shitty movie.

What is a VG movie? A worthless pile of shitcrets.

That movie never happened. Period.

Sexy & dangerous? The director of Saw? Nah.

See my signature. :hahaha;

But seriously, they better not mess up my love of all things Castlevania.

This is a video game movie, so expectations need to be kept as low as possible. I’m glad someone with so much as a vague understanding of what the game is about is on the lead now, that goddamn Bram Stoker’s Castlevania sounded absolutely dreadful.

Sorry to burst your bubbles. But your precious whip couldn’t do shit against Dracula or any other minor undead beasts that might show up. I don’t think a whip could even kill a real life bat. Let alone a real live medusa head. get real.

Goddamn Medusa Heads. I’m glad my house isn’t infested with those. :frowning:

It’s a Vampire Killer. Stands to reason it can kill vampires.

Supposing it’s more effective than Mosquito Killer! sprays.

Did they ever make Rapeplay into a movie?


To distract from annoying awkwardness, here’s a Castlevania spoof.

Guess who voices Dracula? None other than Jean Claude Van Damme.

Dude, it’s the fucking SAW creator. It will be a steaming pile at best.