Casting Final Fantasy 6 the movie

Hey, I’m new here :-). Final Fantasy 6 is my favorite Video game of all time, so I decided it would be fun to cast the characters for a movie…A sort of Lord of The Rings type trilogy, that came out to 10 hours, with all three movies.

Here is the cast:

Terra Branford- Anna Paquin
Locke Cole - Leonardo Dicaprio
Cyan Garamonde-Sean Connery
Shadow- Christian Bale
Edgar Roni Figaro-
Sabin Rene Figaro- Vin Diesel
Celes Chere- Kate Beckensdale
Stragos Magus-
Relm Arrowny-Emma Wattson
Setzer Gabbiani- Johnny Depp
Banon- Ian Mackellen
Cid- Robbin Williams
General Leo- The Rock
Emeperor Gestahl-Christopher Lee
Ultros-Gilbert Gottfried
Kefka Palazo-Jim Carey

 I would cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Locke. I know you all want to shoot me after hearing that, but here me out. He has the right look to him, if he grew a beard. Locke has a sort of boyishness to him. He has played characters similar to Locke, and despite the fact that guys don't like him because women swoon over him, he is a good actor.

Sean Connery would fill the shoes of Cyan. People often forget, but Cyan is an elderly gentleman. Sean Connery's personality also fits Cyan's perfectly. Besides, how much would you love to see the scenes with Cyan and Gau, with Sean Connery filling the shoes? Abosolutely hillarious.

Vin Diesel would be perfect for the part of Shadow. If you've seen Pitchblack, I think the character of Riddick is very similar to Shadow. Very dark, with a bone dry sense of humor. I think Vin Diesel would do an excellent job as Shadow.

  I would cast Johnny Depp as Setzer. I always saw Setzer as very debonare, and darkly humorous. I could see Johnny Depp pulling off a perfect Setzer. Can't you all just see him lounging in a chair, sipping wine and casually telling Celes she is to become his wife? It'd be excellent.

 Cliche Cliche. Ian Mackellen would get the role of Banon. Although it is a bit of a small part in the game, it can get written up a bit for the movie, to justify Mackellen's price.

  Ultros would be CG, but if any of you have seen Aladin, you know that the voice of Diago the parrot, would be perfect for Ultros.

 So add anything else you'd like to say about this list, and anyone else you think would fill the shoes of certain characters. Keep the age of characters in mind when casting people (I've seen people cast the 19 year old Kain from FF4 as Val Kilmer, who is well into his 40's.)

i think Milla Jovovich could probably play the part of Terra

About ten years too old. I thinks it’s important to mind the ages. People forget that Terra’s only 18 sometimes.

I could see Jack Nicholson doing Kefka, maybe hes a little too rounded, but I could easily see the crazy part being done well… Look at the Shining and the first Batman (he played the Joker)

Jack Nicholson is awsome.

Then again, I forgot, ol Jacky is just that… OLD, I miss his youth…

Izlude you can edit your posts and add more to your posts instead of double posting. leo dicrapio does not make me swoon. You know theres a number of teenage parts that are played by people in their 20’s.

Alex from “A Clockwork Orange” always reminded me of Kefka…

OMG, that would be perfect casting…

Kefka - Kevin Hanek

Thank you for pointing that out, hes a much much much much better choice, holy hell I forgot about him.

Who’s Kevin Hanek?

I always wondered why they reminded me of eachother… must be the insane hashings for ultra-violence… One year for halloween, i wore the fake eyebrow and tophat… NO ONE got it.

EDIT: I clicked send without finishing my post.

I think Vin Diesel would play a better Sabin than Shadow…

now, for Terra… damn… what was the chick’s name who played the Queen in the Three Musketeers… the one with charlie sean…

And for Celes… Celes is a little harder, i was maybe thinking uma thruman, but she’s too old.

Have you seen Pitchblack? If you had, you would realize that the character of Riddick , which Vin Diesel pulls off so well, is a perfect template for a movie adaptation of Shadow. Give him the mask, and he’d be perfect.

By the way, I chose Anna Paquin for Terra because in X-Men, she plays the role of a young girl struggling with her new found powers so convincingly. That’s basically Terra’s struggle.

What do you all think about Brad Pitt for Edgar? Sure he’s a little old for the role, but Edgar’s youth isn’t that important to his position. Besides, Brad Pitt looks extremely young for his age.

Shadow’s not musclebound, plus he’s always covered in ninja garb and rarely speaks. The characters Riddick and Shadow have nothing in common, except that they’re both male. I agree with BL; Diesel would make a better Sabin.

Too many stars are named for these parts, anyway. After the casting budget was figured, there’d only be about $10 left to film the movie.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to Garrote you” tell me you cannot see the Riddick character saying a line like that.

Fine fine, Diesel as Sabin… Come up with a better Shadow…and come up with an Edgar while you’re at it.

Kevin Hanek is Eden. He IS Kefka.

I could see Arnold Schwarzenegger saying that, doesn’t make it a good match.

Shadow=Christian Bale, guy from Equilibrium. Good actor and spry enough for the part.

Dunno who to cast as Edgar. That’s a toughie.

I agree actually… The cast is getting filled out quite well… We still need a good Kefka; I don’t know if Jim Carey could be trusted with such a powerful role.

Here is the cast Thus far:

Terra Branford- Anna Paquin
Locke Cole - Matt Damen
Cyan Garamonde-Sean Connery
Shadow- Christian Bale
Edgar Roni Figaro- Leonardo Dicaprio
Sabin Rene Figaro- Vigo Mortenson
Celes Chere- Kate Beckensdale
Strago Magus- Jerry Stiller
Relm Arrowny-Emma Wattson
Setzer Gabbiani- Johnny Depp
Mog- Tara Strong (Voice)
Gau- Jake Gyllenhaal
Gogo- Anyone cheap
Umaro-The Big Show
Banon- Christopher Lambert
Cid- Robbin Williams
General Leo- The Rock
Emeperor Gestahl-Ian Mackellen
Ultros-Gilbert Gottfried (voice)
Kefka Palaazo-Christopher Walken
Vicks- Byron Mann
Wedge-Chris Casama
Arvis-Bill Murray
Narshe Mayor-
Ramuh-Christopher Lee
Duncan-Pat Morita
Vargas- Vin Diesel
Siegfried- Sean William Scott
Daldulmah- Tiny Lister

So here are the ones we need. We need a good Edgar, someone for Stragos, Gau we just need some kid who’s somewhere between 13-18 (I know that’s a huge age range.) Gogo, could be anyone.

Kefka, Kefka is the most important role in the movie. You need to have someone so powerful, so creepy, so charismatic, to pull Kefka off.