I was considering doing some original casemod for a change… But heck, after I saw this, screw originality, I’ve gotta have a case like this too. A computer that can make french/freedom fries is more useful than a one that can’t; or a one that only makes toasts, for we nerds need much energy and you get more calories with vegetable oil.

If that oil is an electrical insulant, then that PC may work with no problems. I just wonder how the cooling would be affected, though.

Lol knoppix

Those are niiiice!


I just love porn. And I love when amatuers get in on the act.

There be nipples and tits on that page, matey. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pointless to discuss the benefits and drawbacks to the “oilcomputer” since all that vegetable oil will eventually spoil, ruining whatever components are contained within. He’ll probably end up have to throw everything in that fish bowl away.

I know and I don’t care. I know that nothing I say would make you think I don’t browse through porn. I’m not ashamed of saying I used to during my years of teenagehood. And I’m on softcore sometimes, seeing as I watch the videos in and I’ve enjoyed seeing Keyra Agustina dancing a few months ago. But in this case, I got that link from a scanlation site. I just thought the casemod concept in it kicked so much ass I had to link to it, and I didn’t fell like copying the images and uploading them somewhere by the time.

I was just saying, “heads up”, since posting links to sites with pornographic material on it is against the rules. No need to justify yourself and your porno viewing to me or anyone else, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Teddybear PC!

You know what i’m going to do? Build a watercooled system with two resivoirs, and fill it with FRUIT PUNCH. Then, if i’m ever thirsty, i just switch the machine to take only from the first resivoir, pop out the second, AND DRINK IT.

hell yea.

You can easily do that with one of those subzero cases from Chieftec, or those monsters from Thermaltake.