Carmen Sandiego

Can some one help me find a place to download this game?

Where in the world is carmen san diego?

or even

Where in the USA is carmen san diego?

Thanks in advance. for all your abandonware needs.

No, you’re spoiling it! The point of the game is to find Carmen Sandiego.

Lol but she owes me a shitload of money!

That stanky asswhore her!

EZ thanks, it was driving me nuts!

Do i need anything to run it, like dos, or just play and enjoy?

In the country of origin of the word ‘puno’.

but do i have to download something to run it? It will not play why not?

I’d imagine you might need DOSBox, if the games are from the DOS era (as I remember them to be), which you can nab at But it never hurts to try running them raw first.