Career start!

Like some of you folks noticed, I graduated back in May. Three weeks ago, I was in a job interview. And now I’ve been working as a DIT (Digital Image Technician) for the last two weeks in Turku, a city in eastern Finland.

The production I’m working on is a movie (working title “Love And Other Troubles”), starring some Finnish blokes you haven’t heard of and Emilie De Ravin, (Lost, anyone?) of all people.

I’m spend time in my office in Turku from mondays to fridays, on weekends I go back to Helsinki. I also need to do tape backups in Helsinki, so staying over the weekend isn’t really an option.

Moviemaking has tight schedules, long working hours and a surprising amount of flexibility is required. But as my internship and grad work revealed, the final title on the big screen is a marvel to behold.

What about the rest of you graduates, luck finding work in your field?

Yay. Congratulations. I’ve graduated, but I’ll continue my studies come Autumn. Working as a librarian part-time though.

lol, cheers Maba. :cool:

Movie work is indeed long hours, and very demanding. I know a few people who do that sort of work (props, on set carpentry, etc) and a typical work day is usually 10-12 hours, depending on where they are in filming. Sometimes you’ll be on set for more than 12 hours. I was thinking of doing movie work before but decided it wasn’t for me after hearing how many hours you have to work on average. I guess with your position you won’t be on set much, and mostly dealing with the film itself.

I have been volunteering at a local park in a position that lines up nicely with my interests. Basically I get to patrol a local park and answer people’s questions about the park. Mostly directions, but sometimes wildlife questions which is really my forte. I won’t have an actual career for another… four years!

Congratulations, Maba!

I work ever since I was 14 - not by need, as my family could support my lifestyle even back then, but because I wanted to make my own cash - I’ve been making software ever since I was 22 (that’s about five years now), but in my current field of work, I wish I’d be more fullfilled than I am right now. I’m graduating this year and maybe that’ll change things a bit.

Grats to ya, man!

Myself, I’m going back to the same place I got my undergrad for a Certificate in Geographical/Geospatial Information Systems, which counts as masters-level work.

That sounds really awesome, what do you plan on doing with that? Or rather what options are available with that?

From what little I understand, it’s databasing and office type jobs using maps n’shit, lol. I’ll find out soon enough.