Career Speech

I have a speech coming up for Speech Class. It’s on a hobby or occupation. Since I don’t have any real hobbies, I have to go with occupation. However, since my job is “obituary-crime report-fire report-coffee boy” at a newspaper, I’m having trouble finding stuff to pull quotes from.

Does anyone know any books, articles, web sites, etc. that have anything useful on this?

Dude, be cool and do your speech on vidya games. That’s a hobby.

Plus, I’m not quite sure what you said your job was. Do you give coffee to people or something?

Hiryuu: It’s hard to explain. I write simple things, like obituaries, crime reports, and fire reports (Springville has more brush than the entire state of Texas). However, I also get people coffee, run errands, and walk around in the 130 degree heat while doing everything else they order me to do.

But gaming as a hobby…now I have to find books on THAT!

Just use websites, you can find plenty of websites on video games. And you should be able to find lots of articles on video game violence, because old ladies like to whine about that a lot and complain that that’s the reason that murder exists.

Your speech could be about how video gaming’s reputation is being tarnished by all that crap, and you could explain how it’s a wholesome activity and that they actually affect you positively. How true or untrue your speech is is unimportant. The better you bullshit and give a speech that your teachers WANT you to give, the better grade you’ll get.

“Son, video games improve hand eye coordination and make kids into better human beings!” -Professor Membrane, Invader Zim.