Career in game development

Ok, I got an assingment where I have to wirte a 2 page report on a career I’d prefer or want to do. And I need to get info like the education needed, salary, and outlook…thing. And I wanna do one for game developing. Can I get some links with info on this?

You could try this site. It has some links on video game programming, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Well, it depends on what aspect of game designing you want to do.Animation, script, stuff like that.If you could be more specific, I may be able to help you, as this is the area I’m looking into now:p

Thanks Dalton, that did help a it. But, I need to know info on a lot of things besides programming. Evan, if you can post a link ASAP. The report is do next week, and I’d like to get it done.

EDIT: <a HREF=“”>Looky</a> what I found! This helps a bit, but not all the info I need is here.

Well the first occupation that comes to mind, is graphic designer.They do things like creating advertisements (usually technology based), digital editting; it requires a lot of sketching and planning…if you were employed by a game designing company (say for an upcoming Final Fantasy) you could create the ads that you see for games, original character sketches, cover design, etc.
Computer animationist…well animator, period could also help you, of course.I’m not too knowledgable on that occupation, but I’m learning, so you may want to look that up too.

I’m still looking for ideas, as I am currently in school and drawing a blank…the information that I can get from certain occupations is on a site in my school account, so of course if I posted you some links to occupations regarding gaming and script writing, etc, you wouldn’t be able to access it, but it basically has every info that you listed in your original post…maybe I’ll PM you.Hope this helps a little bit?I’m not sure whether you wanted info on all areas or just the artistic side…

Heh. Yeah, go ahead an PM. I also found another good site that may help you out as well. I’ll reply to your PM and give you the linky.
last time I was here it had a lot of good stuff for every gaming job, just go to the career paths.

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Yay. Thanks all :slight_smile:

I need to check some of those out. I’ve always wanted a career in the gaming industry.

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Homework forum?

HAW! The first link goes to my univesity 8P.

I would advise having a back up plan for a job in the game industry. Think about it. How many people have no lives and play video games and fuck around with comps all day? A lot. How many of those go in comp sci. A lot. How many want VG jobs. A LOT. Its a very tight industry, esp in the good companies. Pure narcissism drives people to think they can make it in highly competitive fields. One must look at one’s motivations, what one can do to see how motivated one is and how you feel doing something like this for the rest of your life. One must also look at other things that one finds interesting. Hindsight is a bitch.