Career aspirations

I’ve been having a little drama here in college. I came to SUNY Oswego thinking that getting a degree in computer science would be the way to go for me. Why? I like video games that’s why. But after spending a year wallowing in the computer department (Damn you, Calculus!) I realized that being a computer science major wasn’t really my gig. It wasn’t what I thought we’d be doing nor nearly as fun as I had hoped. That and having a life and being a comptuer science major here seems to be incredibly hard, (I’ve met a couple of them I think that they are going to have blood vessels in their eyes rupturing quite soon).

So after a friend and I fought through a computer science assignment (and failing quite miserably too) we sat back and wondered why we became computer science majors in the first place. My friend said that he just wanted to make webpages for his artwork. As for me it went back to video games. Seeing that he wanted to be an artist I suddenly figured out that I really missed playing music and I also figured that a good way to play music and get paid for it was to become a music teacher. Just then the Great God of Epiphanies came down and smacked me upside the head and said “DUH!”. So yeah, starting next semester I’m totally shifting gears at college and I’m going to start going for a music degree instead of a computer science degree since music is where most of my passion (and talent) lies.

So my question to you guys is that do you know what you want to do when you’re older? Also for the guys already in college do you know what you want to do with what you’re learning in college once you finish or do you even know what you’re shooting for in college? And one for the guys in or past college already, did you have a change of heart while you were in college about what you wanted to do?

Actually, I’m taking a course in Real Estate next semester. When I pass it and the state mandated test- I’ll be licensed to sell houses. Of course, this won’t be permanent. I just want to get out of this house as soon as possible, and I have a nack for sales.

Glad to see you’re going into music, though- you were pretty good at that stuff. I didn’t think you’d stick with compsci.

Well, I have a few different things I would like to aspire to be, but I doubt I get anything I want.

I would like to be one of the following:

Paranormal Researcher, Psychologist, a Sports Medicine doctor, owning my own paranormal/occult/mystic shop, a rock singer/guitarist, a mathematics teacher, or a professional wrestler.

Army Nat. Guard Officer, maybe active duty. Later on I might pursue the one thing I make fun of more than anything, and no it’s not being a lawyer. It’s being a politician. I figured someone with some logic could get in there for once.

I would like to get a job in the gaming industry someday…perhaps as a game tester.

Gosh, I wish I knew what I wanted to be. I tend to fluctuate between various things in the music, animal care, and psychology fields. However, I don’t think I have the talent to be a musician, and I’m not really interested in medicine… I don’t really see myself as a professional of any sort either.

I’m graduating high school in 30 days now (ee! ee! excitment!), and my only plans are to work some meaningless job here until I get enough money to move, and then hopefully find a job that really suits my interests and attend community college for me general education credits. Hopefully by the time I’m done with that I’ll have finally decided on something.

I’d love that as well. I would also like to own my own gaming company… :hahaha;

I was a science lover back in the day but I hate it now. Can’t do it. I switched from archaeologist to vet. hen, vet didnt seem to suit me. Too much time wasted in school, and other personal reasons. So then I drifted towards the graphic designer thing; learnt they tended to deal with advertising, among other things, which doesn’t turn my crank. It’s still a backup plan for me though. I’ve decided pn veterinary technician, now. I’m pretty sure Im sticking with that. Dream job is to work in a zoo.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I’ve thought about parapyschology. Like seriously considered it, but they’re so freelance, I would not have a secure future dealing in that type of research. It’d be fun, but scary, supernaturally, and financially…

I would wager that many computer science careers arise from a fondness for video games. It is a very bad motivation, to say the least, not only because the industry is so difficult to get into, but because of the gulf between using and making a software product. I would say, however, that classes do get marginally more interesting as you advance in the major, as they go beyond the subject of programming. Even so, they still require genuine dedication to the field, which apparently you don’t have. So I congratulate you on realizing this and changing your focus.

I’d liked to be in a band with some of my friends, but I doubt we’ll really make it. So if that doesn’t work I’d like to… well actually I don’t know what I’d really like to do yet, as long as it’s not something where I have to sit in a cubicle all day.

There was a time when I though, “I like video games, maybe I should be a programmer.” But my parents said I spent too much time on the computer as it was, so I gave up on that. Right now I’m going for a degree in pharmacy, because I like science and wanted a career that helps people. The fact that I can be a doctor in five years and start off at $60,000 a year doesn’t hurt either.

Research MD or MD PhD in infectious disease if possible.

And eva, psychology is enough of a joke, don’t make me go off on parapsychology. Go in something real, no pun intended.

I think that is one of the coolest jobs ever. I’d love to have a profession in parapsychology. I think that’s probably what I’m going to end up doing anyhow, since I doubt I can do any of the other stuff without a very well built education (or lots of talent).

I’d kind of dig being a wandering homeless guy who travels all around the country preaching the end of the world to anybody who will listen.

…that’s just my way of saying that I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but that I want to feel challenged and I want to feel like what I’m doing is important to the well-being of the earth and everything on it. However, there are like, infinite possibilities for THAT, which is why I’m going to college I guess. Hopefully I’ll have more of a sorta choice in what I spend my time doing than in high school, so I can feel like I’m learning something important to the well-being of the earth, yadda yadda.

Try doing some research, Maz. Its a really unique experience. I’d say go into bio because I’m biased, but when you think about what it is you just said, its right up your alley. Wanna help people on a large scale? Find or help develop a cure or understanding of a disease or expand on genetically modified organisms (plant or otherwise). There’s nothing like exploring the unknown and there isn’t a freer job situation. You do what you want, when you want. Technically. Working with research profs is so much different than dealing with the hopeless contrived drones we know of.

Lit teacher that dabbles in writing his own shit.

To add to that, literally anything you can learn in college has the potential to be used to help people on a large scale. But this effect will never be immediate - it can only occur after the process of learning has been completed.

Haha no, by all means, please enlighten me. I havent had any encounters myself, so Im on the fence, but I still love reading about it, regardless of if it’s real or not.

Cool job or not, you wont get much professional education on it :\ I’d take a class or two if I had the opportunities, for entertainment purposes. It’d be great. But I dunno if I could center my life around it; anything like that is bound to have set backs, obstacles and a lot of no moolah.

Sinstral and Evangelion have a point. Sometimes your “ideal” career can’t be a realistically beneficial one. Hell when I was 8 I thought playing video games could be an awesome job, but then I learned about the evils of income, taxes, and economics, so that’s why I’m leaning towards politics and the military. In the service, you can be paid like a chump, but there are significant benefits like lower taxes, real estate benefits, etc.

Yeah, if I ever did get into it, I’d probably have another job on the side. If I had my choice, I’d have my own little paranormal shop, on the weekends I’d tell stories of my parapsychology experiences while doing that job, that way my business would pick up a bit because of the customer/owner interaction as well as the interest of the younger people who stop by. I’d like to have 3 jobs though…