Car + Pokemon cards= ebay publicity stunt!

Oh dear. (warning- page automatically loads sound.)

Could be genius, mind you- depends on how much money he gets.

Holy shit…

Damn, that is impressive.

It’s a Neon… It cancels any aura of coolness that may be created by the Pokemon cards!

Jesus Christ. O_O

O_O Whoa.

This gives new meaning to ricer.


I’d drive that just to see the looks people would give me XD

…that is, if I knew how to drive >.>

You kids these days don’t know how to drive an AT transmitted car? Just push on the gas! Sheesh!

And that song brought back memories… most unpleasant memories

The theme song was the only part of the tv show I liked. It was cheesy as hell, but it was catchy.

Err, okay. Now if someone did this to a luxury car that’d also be interesting.

I don’t think “catchy” really counts in its favor, Val

Damn thats pretty bad.

How the hell though do you put music on ebay though?? Thats a first…

Now if only someone were to put up an add for a Thunderbird covered in Star Trek trading cards while setting the music to either the A-Team or Hawaii Five-O then we’ed be in business.

Pokestickers on a Pokecar being sold on PokEbay!

After hearing that Pokesong again, I kinda miss my elementary school.


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