Capturing screens of videos

Somebody tell me of a program that allows me to do that. Quicktime allows it if you register, but I need a free one. I’d like to do it both in Quicktime and Windows Media Player. I could do it in Windows 98 due to a bug in the media player but ever since I got XP I could never cap screens from my anime vids again.


Thanks <stupid 10 char rule>

Just turn off hardware acceleration. If printscreen doesn’t get the screen (it just appears black or something when you try pasting it from the clipboard) it is probably because the video player is using overlays to display the video. This actually can result in better quality video playing since it allows the video to bypass certain things to use less memory bandwidth, thus making an interruption in the playback less likely. Usually the video player will have an option somewhere to use less hardware acceleration, and since overlays are one of the forms of hardware acceleration, this can be used to disable it.

<a href=“”>BSPlayer</a>.