Caption Me

Let your creative juices flow:<BR><BR><img src=“”><BR><BR>Here’s a suggested start: “Giving Apes the Right to Vote”


Allow me to clarify:

Step 1: Look at the picture
Step 2: Think if a clever way to describe it
Step 3: Reply to it with your description in quotations

As for mine, it implies that giving apes the right to vote would explode the Earth. Yes, it’s a picture of Earth exploding.


“Sin became a happy, well adapted member of society”.

“Man’s triumph over nature.”

“Everyone was surprised by the way the planet exploded into random chunks without significantly deforming.”

“As Zion found out, living so close to the core was probably NOT a good idea.”


edit: Oh fuck, its PKT :smiley:

“Bush/Cheney '04”

“Noob Saibot Wins! Fatality! Flawless Victory.”


“Yeah, those apes still though of digital watches as a good idea. And what was that fuss about not having been warned before? The galactic road plans were posted in plain view in Alpha Centauri!”

“The number one reason never to vote for a mentally challenged person for president, and give them the doomsday button.”

“This hand of mine…”


“The day after the president announced that we really might have a problem with global warming”

“…Well, we could always give Mars a try.”


Damn Sayians get off my lawn!!!

And on the 1.5695*10^12 day God said “You know what Fuck this”

“10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year Boom

“I told you not to post THAT Wild ARMs 3 screencap on the Agora!”

And there was much rejoicing.