Captian Herlock

Where is Maetel and Tetsuro?

Yeah, we asked the same thing when we watched it. The new Space Pirate Captain Herlock doesn’t feature them if I recall correctly, it’s a completely new story.

It’s a sequel to both the origanal C.Herlock and some other space saga(not The Express)
from the same guy isint it?

C.Herlock was in The GX Express 999 was he not?

and is Arcadia of My Youth more Maetell and Tetsuro,or more C.Herlock?
(the name probably implies but I want to be sure)

Got no idea. Haven’t watched some of them. Definitely want to though.

If you mean the Galaxy Express 999 movie, he was in it. As for your second question: Arcadia of My Youth is about how Captain Harlock got banished from earth and became a pirate. It’s definitely worth watching if you’re at all interested in the character.

It’s Captain HARLOCK. Unless they changed his name in the latest version. “Herlock” sucks. :noway:

I’ve seen it both ways. I’m not sure which one is correct, but Harlock is definitely cooler sounding.

I think that’s the first time I’ve heard you say something sucks…

its Herlock in the new version.

and as I have asked why dose the crew looked deformed.
isint Herlock a sequalto both Harlock and some other space saga from the same guy(not The Galaxy Express 999)?

I was just exaggerating, of course. Doesn’t really matter in the long run. (And I was trying to be funny about it, too, thus the swear word.) 8P

Herlock is the new series which is NOT done by Leiji Matsumoto. That’s one of the reasons why the crew looks more deformed than usual.

About Tetsuro: He’s dead! The exact cause of his death isn’t explained I think, just that Herlock is very troubled by it, maybe he failed to rescue/help him when they were in trouble or something. Tetsuro’s grave is shown in the opening sequences btw (Cross struck on the ground with his coat and gun holster hung on it)

Maetel, hmm, I’ve only seen up to ep 8 so I don’t really know… :fungah: