Captain Sephiroth?

Captain Planet meets Advent Children? What the deuce?

For some reason I find that so INSANELY funny…
But it could just be that I should have been sleeping an hour ago, and I’m staying up on caffeine alone. ^^

Just… Wow.

HEART! :smiley:

No, no no no and NO! O_o;

I could not stop laughing. Thank you.

That was very funny, especially after all the whole “Meko havesting is killing the planet” message from the game. :smiley:

… and Australia’s like WTF, mate.

Weird ^^

but funneh!

meh, i thought it was kinda lame

The sad thing is that is probly the most footage of Advent Children I will ever see.

Sephiroth totally just wants to help the planet.


Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire.

but they’ll be dead soon anyways…f*cking kangaroos…

That was beautiful sheds a single crystal tear