Captain N imitators, how low can you go!?

Men rob gas station using a NES Zapper

Damn, Captain N must be rolling in his grave. And they probably didn’t have a Power Pad either.

That’s hilarious. Maybe Nintendo started producing the bright orange zappers for a good reason after all.

I still got my grey zapper somewheres…

And they’re from KY. Ugh.

My question is why the gas station clerk actually took them seriously when the gun was clearly plastic with an attached cord.

slow clap

Let’s hope the “He who shall not be named” is too busy going after Manhunt 2 to see this. Or better yet getting his ass handed to him by the courts.

Nintendo reaches new levels of verisimilitude and they don’t even know it i.e. ridiculous


I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the guy who did it or the clerk for not recognizing a Zapper.

My vote goes to the clerk.

10 years???

I LOVE this country!

Wow… Now I’ve seen it all.

I don’t blame the clerk at all. He could have gotten zapped, and therefore sucked into some altered video game reality. :open_mouth:

Well, I’m pretty certain that you’re just supposed to let them take the money. My friend worked in a convenience store, and if someone robbed you with even a small blunt object, they were instructed to give them the money and hit the silent alarm. An NES Zapper, I’m sure that they could have rationalized, could be pretty nasty if one were beaten over the head repeatedly with it.