Capcom Fighting Evolution

Standard Iga just got new fighting game thread.

So, who else played it? I’m not expecting a lot of you, but anyway…this is probably the best fighting game Capcom put out since…well, Third Strike in my opinion. Everything flows together rather well considering the sprite differences, some issues have been fixed (Alex’s Air Stampede covers a lot more ground…the SF2 characters hit a hell of a lot harder than the others to compensate for their lack of options…Darkstalkers characters don’t PWN massively everyone…V-Combos are toned down…)

Either way, I’m currently using a team of Zangief/Guy.

Does it have Morrigan? If so, I’m there. :smiley:

Nope, but it does have felicia! :Dz

I’ve been wanting to play it. I’ve been checking stores for the last few days, and it’s not anywhere. I’ve decided that whichever game i find first between fighting evolution and MGS3 is what I’ll get first. :stuck_out_tongue:

ANyways, I’ve heard it was pretty good. But, how is the game in terms of balance? You say it’s the best Capcom fighter since 3S, but that doesn’t say much to me because 3S was rather poorly balanced, I think. :stuck_out_tongue: I know that if I played it, my team would almost certainly be Guile and Chun-Li.

That right there is fuckin’ wrong. >:O

Also is it me or is one of the characters a dinosaur? O_ô

I find it rather well balanced when it comes to the different fighting systems. I haven’t played it much (got San Andreas at the same time, plus I’ve got to finish lots of things and play some DDR…so…I’m a bit overgamed at the moment). I’m biased towards the SF2 characters at the moment. You’ll definitely like the SF2 characters, since they don’t have anything you wouldn’t find in ST except maybe a second super.

Is guile’s normals more like ST, or The New CHallengers? Cos seriously, I can’t survive without that O. Guile standing Roundhouse :open_mouth: They took it out of N. Guile for some reason, those stupid bastards. :stuck_out_tongue:

does the game have megaman? if it does I’ll definetly play it.

sigh I miss capcom vs marvel. :bowser:


It had better not be “balanced” the way MvC2 was, in the sense that everyone has some sort of unfair advantage and with the insane variety, it works via the “there’s got to be some way to beat someone else’s unfair advantage!” principle.

EDIT: Oh, and for some reason, my succubus fetish outweighs my catgirl fetish right now.

Nah Yar, that’s X-Men Vs Street Fighter :stuck_out_tongue: in XMvSF, every character was cheap in one way or another, and it was your ability to exploit them that made you good. MvC2 is just four people. The rest can’t compete worth shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, the biggest claim I’ve read towards the balance of the game (At’s forums) is that the game is a ‘counter-character’ sort of game. Is that true?

I’ll be passing on this since I have the Anniversary Collection to satisfy my fighting need.

Fuck Morrigan, where’s Lilith? Yeah, I realize I’m the only person ever in the world to prefer Lilith to Morrigan, but Morrigan’s boobs really bug me. She must have got implants or something.

Well, at least it’s got Sakura…

Perhaps my first impression is a little skewed cause the suck ass controllers at gamestop and the faded beaten up LCD screen of the 3 year old PS2 display. But I thought the game sucked ass.

Most likely controll and video suck issues, but I’m willing to rent it and give it a shot. I certainly dont think its better than 3rd Strike, but it MAY be good or at par with CVS2 if there is enough quality where it counts…

And where the FUCK is Ken? Screw you capcom, screw you.

You’re not the only one, I like Lilith more too.

As far as the game goes, I plan to try it out, at least.

If the game isn’t better than 3rd Strike or CvS2, I’ll be fuggin shocked. :stuck_out_tongue: CvS2 was really onto something though, and my impressions of what people have said about CFE makes it sound like it’s a finetuning of CvS2 ideas. In any case, I just hope it’s rad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lemme guess, I can quit dreaming about BoF characters in a Capcom fighter, since ti’s not going to happen, or were the rumors actually true?

Better make it three. :smiley: I mean, holy crap, she must be the only fighting game character created by Capcom to only appear in one fricking game. And MvC1 doesn’t count.

I’m still waiting for Hsein-Ko to make an appearance. <3 Sleeves of Holding +5

Yeah … I mean, my plethora of sprite-characters don’t even have Hsien-ko! The best I can do is a Munak.

The new character Ingrid also hasnt appeared anywhere before, unless of course you think she’s just a rip-off of Athena from SNK like I did.