Can't sleep... must craft...

So I’ve been awake for the past 22 hours playing the second world of warcraft stress test… its even better than the last time around… I’ve finished paying off my reservation for the collector’s edition… and I get on the open beta for free cause I was in the 2nd stress test…

I officially have no life… glee

And is it like we care?

:too bad:

Oh, wait, you’re testing. That sounds stressful

Heh. The open beta better not cost anything. ; p If it does, I would have just paid for this final stress test thing. I’m going to be on the Horde side though, I think. Pretty sure anyways. Ganks Izlude :DDDDDDD

… you are not The 984. Please stop trying to be The 984.

I’d rather just wait a week and play the Open Beta for free…also, yes Lanyx you are going to be on Horde :open_mouth:

if you were a member of fileplanet or payed to get into the final stress test, your character transfers to the open beta for free… I’ll be starting the open beta with a 20+ paladin named Cammy. So I like this week head start.

well, considering the cheapest headstart you could have was $8 and that is more then half of a montly fee will be. Plus we don’t know even if the open beta chars are even going to be in the game when it comes out. So I’ll hold on to my $8 and play some random character for a week or to.

Thats a question I’ve been hoping gets answered by blizzard… I want my character to transfer, but I doubt they will let them. It would be awesome though.

Yeah…I don’t think they will >.>;

Worst Open Beta Signups. EVAR

Lol, I can picture that one comic book guy in the simpsons saying that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck. Open/Closed/Stress character better NOT fucking transfer. That’d be rediculously retarded. By the way Izlude, me and Kal and Sonic are all NE people. I’m level 9, not sure about them. Gets on to continue questing :smiley:

I made an account, and am downloading the game right now. (I’m not sure if my computer will be able to run it smoothly, though >>)

Its because there are a shit-ton of people who want to sign up and dont think the game will suck. :slight_smile:

There would be way too many balance issues if the game launched with a bunch of high level players tromping around. They should do a full wipe, Im all for it. I hadnt thought about balance issues untill lately though.

Also, you arent starting out completely without… You’ll have the knowledge that new players wont have. You’ll know what quests are easy, where things are… You have an advantage. I like the wipe, it levels the playing field.

My friend was pissed that he didn’t get to particicpate in the first beta. While the game looks impressive, it gets the same reaction from me as all MMORPGs get - “Meh.”

Meh: Most exciting… GAME! :smiley: Gotta find this damn Satyr. >:O I’d like to hear why TD and all them thought it sucked so bad again though, now that I’ve played it.

They didnt think that it sucked, they just didnt want to hear someone like myself rave about it. Of course, I try hard not to point to the countless FF7 threads. Only because I don’t want to start an argument over such a trivial thing.

But do remember, if you try to share too much with this group about it or make another thread on it, they’ll flame you.

Not too flame, but the people here are also quite sick of the countless FF7 threads. Just because they didn’t get locked/deleted doesnt mean we like them. They shouldn’t be a basis of why its okay to make numerous WoW threads.