Can't recall the name of a movie

I haven’t seen this in about 7 years, so please excuse the rather vague description.

The movie had to do with an alien race taking over Earth in a matter of minutes, and enslaving the humans. Toward the end, some guy escapes and finds a library learning about how far they had come as a race years and years ago. He eventually develops an escape plan to rescue the other humans he was trapped with.

Any idea?

Battlefield Earth? No seriously, the plot was something like that (or the book was, anyway.)

It sounds like Battlefield Earth, yes. The books were actualy decent.

Well, in the movie the guy doesn’t escape. The alien running his work camp sets him loose on the condition that he find new sources of gold for him.

That was it. Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, no problem, it’s only one of the worst films ever made.

Shoot. I was guessing it was “Evita.” : \