Can't for the life of me remember...

There was a song I heard a fair while ago now, on the radio…
It was called something like “The Devil Went Down To Jersey”, and it was a jazzy sort of song. ’ Played on the violin.
It was about a violinist who was challenged by the devil to a competition for the “Golden Violin”.
Other than that, I can’t remember a lot.


“The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, by The Charlie Daniels Band, I believe.

I heard that song after I heard “The Devil Went Down to Jamaica,” and it wasn’t funny, so I didn’t like it as much.

lol pot and satan

Ah, thank you Sohee. Now that I hear that band name again, it’s run back to me.
And Hades… “The Devil Went Down To Jamaica”? Is that a spin-off? Or what?


Jersey?! Wait, no, that makes sense. But I’ve only heard one where the guy was a bit farther south.