Can't drive and watch your pron too...

"Driver Nabbed While Watching Adult Movie

ALBANY, N.Y. (Feb. 20) - Andre Gainey found out the hard way that in the state of New York it’s illegal to drive while watching porn.

Police said the 35-year old man from Clifton Park, New York, was watching a adult movie called “Chocolate Foam” on Tuesday night while driving his Mercedes Benz in the town of Schenectady when he was spotted by an officer at a stop light.

Police spokesman Pete Frizoni said detectives pulled Gainey over when they saw the movie playing on screens embedded in the car’s headrests. When they confronted him, they saw another screen in the passenger-side visor was facing Gainey, allowing him to watch the movie while driving.

The case is thought to be the first of its kind in New York, said Joe Pichi, a spokesman for the for the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Our biggest problem is illegal cell phone use while driving,” Pichi said. “Drivers should be driving.”

Gainey was charged with a public display of offensive material, driving with a suspended license and driving while watching a television. He compounded his legal woes by giving a false name when he was fingerprinted, prompting police to add a charge of forgery.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 17.

02/20/04 13:44 ET

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Originally posted by GunsmokeMist
Gainey was charged with a public display of offensive material, driving with a suspended license and driving while watching a television.

How did he manage to do this, specially while watching porn, and not get into a car accident?

Dumb luck.

Chocolate foam? That sounds so frigging wrong…

That Single Handedly describes NY driving.</Stolen Joke>

The sad thing is, he’ll have spent so much money customising his car into a travelling porn theatre, and now he’ll probably get banned from driving :mwahaha:

And I thought cell phones were bad…

Could still have been worse, he could have played video games while driving.
Drivers should stick to driving. Watch porn when you get home or to the office.

Well Nulani said it best but the fact that he wasn’t paying attention to the road all the time doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure he was probably speeding up at random intervals while watching said pron…

Massachusetts of all place is supposed to have the worst drivers in the country. Don’t ask me why I brought this up now, but it popped into my brain.

And this guy needs to be smacked in the head. Repeatedly.

Which head? :smiley:

This one.

smashes Urkani in the face with a baseball bat

That jokes physically hurt. Shame upon you and your ancestors.

And that guy’s a dumbass. Obviously.