Can't drag

I can’t seem to drag anything on my desktop or in any programs like iTunes. Any help on how to fix this?

@_@ Wow…

Uh, the only things i can think of are this:

  1. What kind of mouse is it? USB or PS2? And is it Laser or Optometric (little ball)?

  2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Mouse. Make sure ClikLok is not checked, and neither is “Switch Buttons”

I’m on a laptop, so it’s either the little mouse pad or a USB optical wireless mouse.

edit: I have a bunch of tabs under the mouse menu. I unchecked “Drag Lock” but I can’t find “Switch Buttons”. I also still can’t drag :\

Does it happen when with both the touchpad thing AND the USB mouse? If so, we can rule out it being a hardware issue.

Yes, it does.

Ok, cool. Now we at least know its a Windows error. However, this is so weird that we might not be able to get a solution for you.

I’m out of ideas, but i’ll look around for any causes. Hopefully someone else will know something.