Can't belive I found this tune.

I’ve been searching for this track for a very very long time and came across it recently online. It brings back some nice memories and is just generally awesome. I’m very curious to see if anyone else can recognize it:

I’ll start giving hints if no one can. :sunglasses:

This sounds like Seaworld music so its definitely some weird thing from the 80s.

I don’t know what it is, but I like it.

I like it a lot.

Oh wow, I KNOW I’ve heard this before somewhere. Heaven only knows where though :confused:

From a tv show or other. That seems to have been broadcast in Greece too.

Has it been remixed from what it originally sounded like?

Right now though the only guess I can think up right now is that it’s from Kimagure Orange Road.

Oh, I’ve DEFINITELY heard this before. But my memory is swiss cheese these days, so, I don’t recall what it’s called or where it’s from. Sounds like the theme to an 80’s TV sitcom, though. Start hinting, Cid.

No, it’s an original tune, no remix. :sunglasses:
OK, two hints.

  1. If you’re under 20, chances are you’ll have no idea.
  2. It has to do with a name and a number.

Johnny 5?

Sounds like Kenny G. hah!

Ren got it. 8p

It’s actually the theme music to a movie called Short Circuit 2, about a robot that “comes alive”. I was about seven or eight when I saw it (multiple times), but I loved it and especially liked the music, so I was pretty happy when I found it online.

Honestly, I can’t say whether or not the movie or its prequel are actually good or not; I’ve seen them both so often (though not within the last ten years) that I’m incapable of objective commentary on them.

Short circuit 2 was good. I wanted to have a Johnny 5 when I was 8! I never watched the first one, though.

YES. It’s true! Those were my favorite movies when I was (much) younger. For some reason, I watched the trailers for Short Circuit 1 and 2 during the holidays (and no, I don’t think I’d like them as much anymore, urg). I knew I had heard this song not too long ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man the Short Circuits were fantastic. First time I saw them was in the middle of the punk combat johnny scene from 2 when I was about 5. So confusing.

Oh yeah, I remember Short Circuit. Pretty funny and even touching movies. The sequel lacked the stars of the first (Ally Sheedy and Steve Gutemberg) but still had the Hindu Nerd, and handled him quite well. Plus, the second one has the Most Inventive Way to Ask For Help Ever: in one scene, the Hindu guy was trapped in a freezer room and could only ask for help by sending electric pulses over a phone wire. His girlfriend had to find him based on those clues. The clues? Music tunes. For example, the tune to “Downtown” was a clue to what part of the city he was trapped in. :smiley: I wouldn’t mind watching these movies again. :slight_smile:

I remember them, but I haven’t seen much of them. It’s kinda like E.T. I know that it exists and I’ve seen parts of it, but I really haven’t sat down to watch the whole thing yet. (of course with that special edition roaming around out there somewhere my motivation to see it had substantially decreased)

This is a whole new level of nerdyness to me Oo I had forgotten about this part.

You’re my new favorite person, Cid.

I’m not sure what’s better, loving all this stuff when you’re a kid, or rediscovering it again as an adult. Just today I picked up the complete series of Dinosaurs on DVD, and I noticed that Fraggle Rock is on DVD now too.

Ah yes, Fraggle Rock. I used to be scared of those giants who lived in the outside world. o_O

Originally Posted by Kero Hazel
Just today I picked up the complete series of Dinosaurs on DVD

Out of morbid curiosity, just how well has that “I’m the baby! Gotta love me!” catchphrase held up over these last 15 years?