Canon in D

Arguably one of the best (at least my favorite) compositions ever.

Here’s something you have to do:

Determine the veracity of <a href=“”>this video</a>
I’m of the opinion that he really is playing that lead part. It’s completely possible to play along with a song, record it (with either a direct input to the computer or through a soundboard of some sort), and add it into that song later. You can see him fretting it perfectly, and you can hear some of his slipups as well.

Your opinions?

I don’t know, man. There’s a few things that make me think it is fake. Mostly his tone; I find it hard to believe he can get that sort of tone out of a Stratocaster! But I couldn’t get a clear shot of his bridge pickup, so it’s a possibility that he has a really good humbucker in there. Not to mention he could also be using a distortion pedal.
Another part that I thought was sketchy was the sweeping parts. I don’t know… his left hand didn’t seem to be moving much during that, and with sweeping both hands have to be moving in synch. I could be wrong though.

Cool video nonetheless! :ark:

That’s the problem, a higher quality video would make it much easier to tell.

If he did that for real, wow. Just. Wow.

I can do that I just don’t wanna.

What would be the best guitar for that kind of tune, Gila? I’m really interested in that sound (pinched harmonics especially, I can do them well, they just don’t pick up too well on my POS)

Edit: My current guitar is a silvertone les paul :x
I’m thinking ESP might be better for that sound? I need something relatively affordable.

It’s really hard to tell whether it’s fake or not. He’s mixed a drum line into it with some xylophone/bells somewhere in the middle. If he could do that I don’t think it’d be that hard for him to mix the guitar in and play along later on. But if he could mimic that well, I don’t see why he’d go through the trouble of pretending.

Pachelbel, the first one hit wonder, always vying with Carl’s Orff’s “O Fortuna” for the orchestral attentions of the masses.

I’d be willing to say he played the lead legit and then just filmed himself miming the song and then put his music to the video or something.

Uh. Well if you’re going after that sort of sound, you might want to check out a Jackson or ESP(or maybe ESP’s more affordable line, LTD). But it’s not the guitar brand that makes guitars sound like that, it also has to do with what pickups you have, what amp, aswell as what effects you’re using, if any. For pickups, I think you should take a look at Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio, or if you want something really metal, get some EMGs. Mind you, EMG pickups are usually active, so they require batteries. When you look at pickups, you should take a look at their EQ and see if it matches up well with the EQ you use on your amp.

Awesome. I have a BOSS MT-2 pedal, one of those $90 ones, I use for distortion, and a rogue 150 Watt amp I play on, think those are good, or do you know?
I’m pretty sure the MT-2 is good for a metal sound, as it’s been rated as one of the best for metal distortion. The amp isn’t the most expensive or high quality, but that should be fine as well.

I think DiMarzio would work, found some bridge ones talking about being able to stand a high amount of gain without ruining the sound. Sounds like the pickups I’m looking for.

Dimarzio X2N would do the job, it’s a really high output pickup that doesn’t get muddy.

Holy shit, 150 watt amp?! Man, I just got a 60 watt amp last month, and that was after owning a 15 watt amp for about 2 or three years. I haven’t even heard of “rogue” amps before, though, so I can’t really tell you my opinion on them or not.

The metal zone pedal(MT-2) is really good forgetting a metal distortion. My friend has one(he posts here as Tomasz for those interested), and he gets a damn good metal distortion out of it. I’m sure if he see’s this thread he can give you some good advice on getting a metal sound, mind you it will be littered with emoticons and poor spelling/grammar. :booster:

For DiMarzio pickups, I would really recommend the X2N. It has a good EQ and Chuck Shuldiner used it before, so that really shows that it’s good for heavily distorted tones.

Yeah, a friend let me borrow his amp when I was practicin with a band, and he’s just not had the time to come and get it. It’s been since about late july that I’ve had it.
What guitar would you personally recommend me getting?

This looks shopped. I can tell by looking at some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time.

I can’t recommend you a guitar. What you have to do is go to a guitar store, pick up a guitar, and rock out. If it feels good, then that’s the guitar you should get. There’s no real definitive metal guitar, it all depends on what you like the most, and what feels the most comfortable.

I can’t rock out. :frowning:

I’m a powerchord kiddie who can kinda play fast :frowning:

Hahaha. Powerchord kiddie. Why don’t you go play some green day then, ya bum! hahah just kidding. Lots of practicing and jamming will help that.

Well, it’s not like all I do are powerchords, I can definitely play stuff, just not as quickly as I’d like to.

I guess that all comes with practice.

keep in mind that tube amps around 60 watts should blow a 150 watt solid state amp out of the water. i assume he means that 150 watt is electronic, since it’s his first and all. also if you have a decent solid state amp, you don’t need these silly pedals just for overdrive.

oh yeah, and solid state ones sound like garbage.