Cannibal Corpse

I didn’t mean it like that. And I usually don’t listen to Blink 182, just because I obsess over one song does not make me a huge fangirl >>

Anyways, my question was how can people listen to lyrics containing that type of material. I’m not condoning it, since that would be pretty hostile of me. But it’s an honest question.

Eva: uh, why not? I don’t see anything wrong with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe you mean “condemning.”

Ok well I was just joking about Blink 182 anyways, I didn’t think you were a fangirl. Jeeze.

As for the lyrics, well, I personally find the lyrics more interesting than the content matter of more mainstream music. I’d rather hear a song about a murderous demon slaying thousands, or how the government is so corrupt, or even how satan rules, rather than how “tough” teenage life supposedly is, or how some idiot wants to find the perfect girl and love her. That stuff doesn’t interest me at all.

Yes I did you grammar whore. It suddenly occured to me when I logged off my misuse of words :\

I wasn’t getting upset Gila :stuck_out_tongue: But okay, your explanation works for me.

hey hey hey… how can you call Canibal Corpse a gimmick??
they’ve been around for longer than you can imagine…
CoF is one of them sell-outblackmetalgarbage that’s flooding the metalwastelands nowadays (together with Dimmu Borgir) eeeeewww and corpse paint… ewww please grow up… i’ve seen enough of that “appealing to the darker side of mankind shit”

The most stupid thing I’ve ever seen was when I had gone to CoF concert (only becuz Immolation(a deathmetal band) was their support and someone bought me a ticket) and about 3/4th of the crowd had corpse-paint on them… following a trend anyone?
and when I’d question them about it they say they are revolting against the mainstream trends… why can’t they understand they’re one themselves

oh and don’t even get me started on the gothic theme

oh oh. why hasn’t anyone mentioned Morbid Angel in this obvious to the heavier kinds of metal dedicated topic… they are errm… so fckin tight… a Deathmetal band only surpassed by Death themselves… and Deicide comes in at a close third…

but still… they all get passed by thrashmetal
Slayer, Vio-Lence, Kreator, Destruction, Dew-scented and much more

Thrash 'till Death & Remain Insane!

Yeah, a kid in my school that committed suicide was a big fan of deicide (guess who the principal blamed for the suicide?)
And now all of the sudden, there are 180973249102873410298347 shirts of deicide throughout the school.

You should blow up your school. While committing suicide. And worshipping satan.

Well, Steve, that is because Deicide sucks so much that he decided to end it all. ;p

(Actually, they’re not BAD- especially their early stuff- but all of their songs are “blahblahblah I hate God” with the same riffs over and over again… kinda like Slayer now)

Well, I suppose I should explain why I like Cannibal Corpse so much, and give arguments supporting/disagreeing with many of your comments.

First, yes, Cannibal Corpse is a death metal band, comprised of George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher (vocalist), Jack Owen (guitarist), Alex Webster (bassist), Pat O’Brien (guitarist), and Paul Mazurkiewicz (drummer). The vocals are cookie-monster style (that is, yes, they sound like our blue fuzzy friend from Sesame Street), so I can understand why not many people would like CC.

Second, Cannibal Corpse’s lyrics have been there to push the envelope from the beginning. And, more often than not, they have inspiration in all the places one wouldn’t think. For instance, ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell sees a more intense and horrific side when Cannibal Corpse used it as inspiration for the song ‘Worm Infested.’ Read the poem, then read the lyrics from CC’s song. Note: Cannibal Corpse does not condone the behavior written in the lyrics. More often than not, they think it’s funny. In fact, they wrote a song on their first CD, ‘Eaten Back to Life,’ entitled, ‘Put Them to Death,’ a short but sweet song about capital punishment for those who kill without mercy. That is about as serious as the lyrics get. They’re not political, they’re not emotional, they’re not much of anything except offensive. Which is just how I like them.

Third, regarding Hiryuu’s comment: they aren’t trying to be ‘badass rebels’ and they don’t exactly write ‘shallow and infantile lyrics,’ as far as the death metal genre is concerned. You said yourself that you weren’t impressed with what you’d read…try reading Vader, Deicide, Cryptopsy, or Nile, because they’re all pretty much on par with each other. You mentioned that you hadn’t heard the music aspect too much…that’s the reason I listen to Cannibal Corpse. Not the lyrics (though I do find them intriguing). It’s very technical, and very busy…many people get headaches from listening to it for a short period. But, coming from somebody who’s played many an instrument and growled many a death metal song, I guess I’ve grown to appreciate them infinitely on the musical level before the lyrics level. The only problem I had with your comment was calling Cannibal Corpse ‘idiots.’ They are my friends…very smart, very honest, real salt-of-the-earth types. If you want to try ‘idiot,’ go for Chris Barnes in SFU. You’ll get a kick out of reading his back story (which, as it were, has some history in Cannibal Corpse).

Fourth, regarding Gila-Monster’s comment about the comparisons of death metal, black metal, and death metal bands that rival Cannibal Corpse…

Death metal can be very melodic. I have no idea where you got the idea that death metal HAD to be anti-melody, but it’s a tad off. And what the hell do you mean by ‘nihilistic’ as opposed to ‘rhythmic?’ Anyways, death metal’s main lyrical focus is…well, death. However, lyrics can be allegorical.

Your black metal definition is about on target. Usually, black metal has keyboards and shrill, high-pitched vocals, as opposed to death metal’s growling/grunting accompanied by some screaming. Chuck Schuldiner from Death/Control Denied was perhaps the biggest exception…his vocals were reminiscent of black metal, yet he played very death metal-esque music.
Both death and black metal have the guttural vocals. Black metal’s main lyrical focus is Satan, the black magick, and that sort of thing, ala Mayhem and Cradle of Filth, but other black metal bands, like Darkthrone and Immortal, talk about the frozen north and Norse mythology, as you pointed out.

The ‘raping dead coon babies’ thing is probably an Anal Cunt song. Sure, they’re death metal, but they’re like the Propagandhi of death metal (in that they make fun of EVERYTHING). Don’t take it too seriously.

Fifth, regarding Evangelion’s question about why people listen to it: it’s perhaps the most honest music I’ve listened to. Death metal’s up there, along with Fear Factory and Sepultura.

Sixth, and finally, regarding Damage’s comments: finally, somebody that hasn’t criticised death metal profusely! Just kidding, but it’s good to see someone that’s just as enthusiastic as me about death metal. Bands I enjoy in the genre (an abbreviated list):

Acid Bath
At the Gates
Cannibal Corpse
Morbid Angel
Napalm Death

I’ll post songs I enjoy by Cannibal Corpse in a little while.

I don’t really know much about the Black/Death Metal scene, but people who do have told me that Cannibal Corpse is pathetic compared to some of the other bands out there. I’m sure I could get a friend or two of mine to list off some worth while bands and I could list them. If neccessary.

Yeah Cannibal Corpse definately isn’t one of the best death metal bands, but whatever, if you like them you like them. I’d say Death is the best death metal band, cause Death rules. But I haven’t heard that much death metal, I only have like a Cryptopsy cd and Deicide cd… Dissection is awesome, but they’re like death and black, but whatever metal is metal.

Which Cryptopsy and which Deicide’s do you have, man?

And Death is badass…Chuck was a voice, let me tell ya.

I didn’t diss death metal. I just don’t like a lot of the Cannibal Corpse copycats. Like I said- my favorite death metal bands are Nile and Death. =p

EDIT: Oh, and if you ever get a chance to hear Six Feet Under’s covers album… it’s hilarious. They cover “California Uber Alles” by the Dead Kennedys death metal style… it makes me roll on the fucking floor. =p

Cryptopsy - None So Vile, and Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix. I really like None So Vile, it’s an amazing album, but Scars of the Crucifix is only pretty good, but there’s some sweet songs on that, like the Pentecostal.
Oh and shit, I forgot I also have Death - Individual Thought Patterns. Yeah, Chuck was a voice for sure, he definately had great ideas.

FUCK YEAH! Good albums, man, especially ‘None So Vile.’ ‘Phobophile’ is fucking awesome, Lord Worm is the shit, and Flo is awesome. Though Lord Worm isn’t in the band in ‘And Then You’ll Beg,’ that’s a great album too. BTW: Lord Worm is BACK in Cryptopsy!

‘Scars’ is good as well, but the first three albums (‘Deicide,’ ‘Legion,’ and ‘Once Upon the Cross’) are their best performances. The live album (‘When Satan Lives’) is fantastic…really great production quality.

And finally, Death: my personal favorite is Leprosy, if only because of ‘Pull the Plug.’ Still, Individual Thought Patterns, Human, and Scream Bloody Gore are awesome, awesome, and awesome, maintaining the fury that is Chuck Schuldiner in all his former glory. He’s considered one of the founders of the craft…Death, Bathory, and the Possessed are considered the three founding death metal bands, with Possessed’s first album, ‘Seven Churches’ (which, by the way, kicks major ass) back in '86.

Anyways, Cannibal Corpse is good stuff. Songs I suggest:

Shredded Humans
A Skull Full of Maggots
Meat Hook Sodomy
Covered With Sores
Vomit the Soul
Hammer Smashed Face
I Cum Blood
Post Mortem Ejaculation
Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
Stripped, Raped, and Strangled
Return to Flesh
She Was Asking For It
The Bleeding
Devoured by Vermin
Puncture Wound Massacre
Eaten From Inside
Orgasm Through Torture
I Will Kill You
Disposal of the Body
Gallery of Suicide
From Skin to Liquid
Pounded Into Dust
Dead Human Collection
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Pit of Zombies
Dormant Bodies Bursting
Hung and Bled
Mutation of the Cadaver
Worm Infested
Severed Head Stoning
Decency Defied
Festering in the Crypt
Nothing Left to Mutilate
Blunt Force Castration
They Deserve to Die

If you’re not looking to download and go straight for an album, these are my favs in order:

Gallery of Suicide
The Wretched Spawn
The Bleeding
Gore Obsessed
Eaten Back to Life
Tomb of the Mutilated
Butchered at Birth

annibal corpse…it seems like a bunch of gutteral snarling to me. If I were to choose a death metal band, or something of that nature, I would choose Venom over Cannibal Corpse. God, even Sepultura. But this is coming from someone who only listens to punk. P.S. Check out Probot if you’re into metal.

Venom is black metal, Amerycinsycho- one of the first black metal bands ever.

Yup, what Loki said…although they do have a more extreme sound than black metal bands today.

And what do you mean by ‘God, even Sepultura’? Do you not like them as well? They’re an old favorite of mine. :runaway:

Well, I do like Venom, only some songs though, Sepultura is not my favorite either, but I still think they are better than CC. Don’t worry though, I know absoluty nothing about metal. My opinion doens’t really matter :thud: