Canadian ISPs

Is it possible for me to get service through a canadian ISP, even though i live in America?

The reason is because:

  1. Your piracy laws are much less strict
  2. Patent law is less strict
  3. Most ISPs i’ve been looking at have no bandwidth cap
  4. Its hella cheap

You should probably call up Bell services and ask them :stuck_out_tongue: I’d guess it would depend on company policy.

Maybe, but probably not. You could try and VPN through a Canadian. It would allow you to bypass the piracy laws at the very least.

How fast would a VPN connection be, perse?

Limited by both your connectivity to the person in question, and their connectivity to the internet. Usually, much much slower. And VPNing wouldn’t get around piracy laws, all it does is route the data through a different path.

It routs and encrypts.

It wouldn’t matter, i’m worried about going over my bandwidth limit, and forcing them to investigate. Even using VPN, the bandwidth usage would be attributed to me, they just wouldn’t be able to view what i was doing as easily, and beside, how suspicious would it look if i was tunneling into another country?

I called Bell Simpatico today to ask about it, and they (well, the rep who answered) said that they wouldn’t offer services to me, but he doesn’t know of any legal reason why another company couldn’t. So i just have to call someone else. :\