I just wanted to say that Canada rocks, and that you should all visit if you get a chance. For those of you who live there, be proud of your nation.

For many years I have been lead through a web of lies, believing that for some reason Canada wasn’t that much of a country, but after having only spent five days there, earlier this month, I can honestly say that Canada beats the shit out of the US from Oregon to Alaska.

Vancouver was fun, they even have a Denny’s (which is very important to me), and the city didn’t seem to be made out of plastic, like Seattle did.

I already lost track of my plan for this post, so I’ll end it now, by saying again that Canada rocks, and that I am sorry for ever making fun of anything other than the lack of an i in Canadia.

Canada does rock. But I live on the frigging east coast which sucks when you want to find a good job. I want to go to a paralegal school after I graduate HS and Nova Scotia has jack to offer me, so it looks like I’ll be moving. And all of the high paying jobs are down graded due to our low population! 20 thou a year? hell no!

i’m sorry, I’m not very happy with Nova Scotia right now. But Canada as a whole, we are…nice.

Every American I’ve ever asked about Canada has been so adapted to excessive pollution that they couldn’t stand the smell of clean air that is so abundant in Canada. So yes, we definately have something special here.

My parents recently made a trip to Nova Scotia and they loved it. I was unable to attend due to schoolwork… :bowser:

Indeed Canada rocks. I live in Toronto but I’d like to visit Vancouver again. See the sights again. Compared to Toronto, Vancouver’s more green. It rain’s a lot over there, but they have more warm days than we do. I just hate the friggin cold. Except when I’m skiing ofcourse.

canada kicks major ass!

i went to niagra falls a fews weeks ago and had a blast.
the intire front of the city looked like an amusment park.
i also really liked the colorful money. :moogle:

Canada’s all right as long as you live southest as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vancouver and Toronto are amongst the most expensive cities to live in. I haven’t seen much outside of Québec, though. I only went to Toronto once. I drove through it earlier this winter, right in the middle of the rush hour, so I don’t know much about it unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll visit Vancouver in about a week and it’s true that everbody rightfully brags about how cool it is.

Damn yeah. I always mistake the 1 US$ for the 20 US$. :stuck_out_tongue:

even famed canadian walhalla thinks canada sucks.

also, wal, thanks for changing that five, I made a hundred bucks off you.

I never said Canada sucked. :stuck_out_tongue: I just really don’t like to have to walk outside when it’s -52C (or less than -40F). :stuck_out_tongue:

What five? It doesn’t make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont actually usually read posts that I reply to, its a waste of time.

and I was making a joke, about you giving me change for a five dollar bill, instead of giving me five on dollar bills, you gave me five twenty. cuz you said you couldnt tell the difference. its funny. LAUGH WITH ME! AHAHHAAHHAHA

Not me. Here in the Connecticut suburbs where there’s almost no heavy industry and smoking has been banned in virtually every public place, I’m accustomed to clean air, so I’d probably like Canada (all I’ve been to is Toronto and some other parts of Ontario).

Toronto has really cheap merchandise but expensive property. And as for Denny’s, they’re a franchise, and all over the place, including Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

Wal: Charl is trying to pretend that you changed his five dollar bills for a bunch of one dollar bills except you gave him twenty dollars bills instead because you mixed up the bills oh ROFLMAYONAISE

Edit: except he’s stupid because he woulda only made 95 dollars off of you. n00b >:O

What are you talking about? The majority of the air pollution from the US ends up finding it’s way to Canada eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, most of the pollution follows the currents over in our direction. Grumbles about pollution making Geography harder.

Jcharl: Ok, ok, I get the joke. I’m really laughing right now, though you probably won’t read it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: AHAHHAAHHAHA and ROFLMAYONAISE, except that it should be ROFLMAYONNAISE


Yeah. Mainly Toronto. As long as you’re not downtown the air quality’s not bad.

Mark my words, I’ll make a trip over the big pond called the Atlantic and visit Canada one day… one day… echo

…But first, a trip to the Netherlands so I can torment the Pony and quite possibly attend the RPGC meeting next year…

Canada does indeed rock, even though as I watch the Olympic coverage, it’s becoming painfully aware that we’ll be lucky to get one medal.

And even though Alberta is essentially Texas North, even though Edmonton’s more liberal than the rest of the province (only two Liberal MP’s elected from Alberta)

However, at the meet we did conculsively decide that America was better. We had a hockey game with America vs Canada and America just slaugtered Canada.