Canada sucks.

Holee shit. What is up with potato chips, eh? I bought a bag of Lays today, and it was that new wasabi flavor. I’m all thinking; “whoah! these roxxor!”. I get curious to what other shit they are planning for the future, or have already; so I open up Firefox, go to the Lays Website and look under product information.

I found wierd and whacky flavors ‘n shit. Extra Spicy, Lemon Lime, Chili Lemon, Deli Style, Flamin’ Hot, and other shits.

Not once have I EVER SEEN ANY OF THOSE I MENTIONED. I’ve seen Ketchup, BBQ, S&V, wasabi, Spicy Curry, and original. THAT IS ALL.

What pisses me off is that the products I mentioned are only avaliable OUTSIDE OF CANADA. Now what the fuck. I am a Canadian citizen who feels like he is being ripped off. Seriously, wtf.

yeah canada sucks because of that

Wow your life is hard.

Your plight moves me.

As retarded as Setz is and as superficial chips might seem, this IS actually part of a greater picture of lack of availability of products and overpricing of other products in Canada. Canada DOES suck in this regards. It sucks significantly.


However, yes, it’s true that Canada gets a limited variety for some products which can be frustrating at different levels. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously folks, airline food…i mean, whats the deal with that??? :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

I like airline food.

Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to find a Gosen racquet but it’s only available in the States or UK.


Boohoo. It’s the same here, and unlike you lucky sods, we can’t simply drive a few miles, we have to catch a bloody aeroplane to Scotland.

Maybe if they renamed the flavors to their French counterparts, you might be able to find some of these things.

Deli style has been here before. You would’ve been 11 or 12, Setz.

How do you eat garbage like that

Ha! I bet you jerks can’t get Mexican soda either.

We have ketchup chips, which is an impossible find anywhere outside of Canada. However, we do get the shaft for a large amount of products.

Uh… I think they have ketchup chips in the states.

Ketchup chips are gross after like the 10th chip btw

Why would anyone want ketchup chips, lime flavored chips, wasabi, etc? That’s just gross. :expressionless:

I think I’d be HAPPIER without all these disgusting flavors around. Although the other shortages would suck, I’d never have to look at a bag of “chili lemon” flavored chips and think “do people EAT these things?”

Edit: Yeah, exactly, 984.

I like wasabi flavored chips.