Can you solve this puzzle?

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The idea behind this puzzle is to take the shapes on the left side to form the image on the right.

However, it’s not as simple as it looks. Why?

WEll ther’s two main rules in this puzzle: Pieces can overlap (although that’s not really nessecary in this puzzle)

Oh and if you connect two pieces together, they stay that way, permamnetly. Thus if you put pieces D and E together to form a small square, it will STAY a small square. You cannot pull them apart.

I wanna see what you all come up with. I got this puzzle in Heaven and Earth and it’s DRIVING ME MAD.

If you want, I cal also post other Heaven and Earth puzzles.

God Damn that looks like fun!

Ill get to work right away!

Are you allowed to rotate the pieces at all?

Nope, no rotation.

Note that in H&E this is an Ocean Level puzzle, being the “easiest” (Read as “there’s no special conditions to consider”)

While you can overlap and connect pieces, they may not be rotated.

And you MUST use ALL of the pieces.

Okies, SS. I’ll have a go :slight_smile:

SS, I just downloaded H&E, but I can’t find that particular puzzle!

I got it from the underdogs, is there any other versions?

Mind you, it does rock!

Actually the puzzle isn’t in Illusions.

It’s one of teh “Pilgrimage” Puzzles: in my particular game, Step 9.

Of course, there’s no point finding it, each Pilgrimage uses random puzzles, so most likely you’ll get a different set of puzzles, but you might find it within.

Ok, Ill keep trying!
It certainly is fun though, I love these!

Thank you SS! You have made me more happy than you can imagine ^^

“D” : C G I L

“R” : N D

“E” : A B

“A” : E J M

“M” : F H K

Edit: YEARGHHHH! No! I was so close! I really thought this was it! arggh…

My solution is close, but I just realized that the d would look like this:

| |

Urgh. So close too…

What’s Heaven and Earth?

Heaven and Earth is a puzzle game with several different and rather interesting types of puzzles (and a solitare card game), each with thier own unique conditions, style, and rules.

Each set of puzzles are further divided into four types, in order of difficulty: Ocean, Desert, Mountain, and Sky… each with variations and special conditions one must consider.

In it is also a “Pilgrimage” mode, a sort of “campaign” mode where you try to solve puzzles (which comprise of all the types of “Illusions”, or puzzles in the game, though none of the Illusions in the normal mode will be found in the Pilgrimage… also within is the card game where you have to get a particulaar score with the twelve cards presented.)

It can be found at the Underdogs.

Edit: Kaiser, you’ll run into that a LOT in H&E. “Just so close… damn!”

Try this:

(letter) = (Pieces)
R = KD
E = AB

Figuring out how they go together shouldnt be to hard.

In relation to Heaven and Earth.
What are you supposed to do when you get the pendulem puzzles in Pilgrimage mode?


'nough said.


ACtually I don’t think you get the Pendulum puzzles. But thanks. I’ll try it.

Edit: Thankies Seraph! Your answer was a bit confusing but it helped me finish it!