Can you guys change the title under my avatar?

I think you need an admin to do it sicne I don’t have it in my options… could someone change my text to The Last Saiyan? I would be ever grateful!:moogle:

You need 1000 posts to have a custom title.

ah… well I guess I’ll work for it then. thanks :slight_smile:

There are currently 4 ways to get a custom title.

[li]1,000 posts.
[/li][li]Be a staff member.
[/li][li]Have 850 posts before the 2nd Great Deletion.
[/li][li]<strike>Have sex</strike>Be close with the admins.

Originally posted by Cala
,strike>Have sex</strike>Be close with the admins.

That’s actually easier to do than all the others. heck, I’m having sex with I dunno how many staffers and Mods, and Zero’s my pappy/son-in-law, so if I ever need a favor, I bet I’m set!