Can you get your foot behind your head?

I can’t. And yes, I’ve hurt myself trying.

I want to stick it up my ass first so I can help everyone who’s wanted to do that to me.

Only if I want my face to meet the floor.

No, but I can get it on my head. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever tried…Now I’m curious if I can.

Edit: Nope, but at least I didn’t wind up hurt or with my face planted into the ground.

Yes i can. For somethings i’m incredibly flexible. you know that stretchwhere you sit on the floor, put your feet together sole to sole and push your knees down, I can push them all the way down and put my forehead to my feet. my fingers and wrists are also really flexible.

I haven’t tried, but I think I can’t do it.

used to be able to, haven’t tried in ages.

Nope. I want to, though.

Not without something breaking.

It hurts a little bit, but I can do it with one foot.

Sort of.

I can, if I’m in the mood to hurt myself badly.

I can touch my chin with my foot, by pulling my leg around my back.

This thread is going to account for so many injuries…

Esp if people try to do the splits both ways. (Mouaha)

I can barely lift my foot past my hip without rupturing something… :-/

Nope, I’m just not that flexible.

No, I am not very flexible, although if I continue to do yoga, perhaps in a few years…who knows?

No…and like GG, I’ve hurt myself trying(though I’ve heard I can when drunk, when pain matters not, until the morning, that is)