can someone edit this image...

…so the background is clear?

Sure, no prob.
EDIT: Damn. My friend’s comp won’t lemme save as .gif…lemme find a way to work around this.
Second EDIT: Dammit. Sorry dude. This ain’t gonna work.

it’s alright. anyone else?

Dude, just use a color like neon green, fill in the black spots or whatever you want to be transparent, then save it as a .gif file. After that, go to “attributes > transparent” and then choose the color (neon green) you filled in the spots you wanted transparent with. Then save it and it should have a transparent bg.

i’ve tried that already. paint won’t let me do that, and it’s all i can use, as i don’t have photoshop or anything else.

Host is only temporary, so you’ll need a new one after 2 weeks or so.

alright, i uploaded it to my server. thanks, man.