Can someone do me a hyuj favor?

Well, I’m sort of in a pickle. points to pickle Not really, but seeing as there is this sale on video-games, get 15$ off all new games, and I’m short by 5$ to get FFX-2, the thing I’ve wanted since it came out. I can’t wait until Friday, (allowance day) because the sale ends on Thursday.

I was wondering if anyone could lend me 5$, and I can somehow repay you*. points to left, location As you can see, I live in Toronto, North York area to be exact. So, if anyone’d like to visit me, and hand me the money, I’d be very, very thankful. I know not a lot of you live in Toronto, but I seriously need this money.

*As I said earlier, I can repay you. I’m offering to give you 10$ back, in exchange for the 5$ now, sometime next week, or possibly on the weekend, after I get my allowance. If you feel like you’d rather some other way of repayment; and this might sound lame; but I can do errands/miscelaneous things for you. I don’t know, I can rake leaves, or whatever. I’m not good with this kind of stuff.

If you were to help me, I’d really appreciate it, and could possibly lend you money in the future.

Can someone buy me a milk shake while we’re at this?

I’m kidding. is this a new trend? I went and asked DADDY for FFX-2. It worked, cuz Im daddy’s little girl. Poor Setz :\

Don’t you know ANYBODY near you that can lend you 5 friggin’ bucks?


All my relatives live in Welland, which is too far… and no one else will. Parents tell me to wait for my allowance. =(

No, I Can’t Lend you… GB £ 2.72, It take me that Much just getting it to you. Check the Bargin Bins…

Big Nutter
Pie, If he was still in Warrington, is a differnt Matter.

I never been to Warrington. =/

I’ve checked over THIRTY different store locations, and couldn’t find it for under what I’m getting it for now.

Warrington, England: about 10 mile away from me, That’s Why Pie I’m Happy to lend Money to.

Big Nutter
If I gave you money It’d take too long before You be able to Use it. (1 Week, Sorry)

It’s not that big a deal, BigNutter. I’m sure someone, hopefully, will lend me 5$ somehow. Thanks for the consideration though. I really want to save 15$.

Wow, it’s like you assume I’d ever want to meet you in real life.


Seriously dudes, I need money.

Can’t you just hold off a couple of extra weeks until you have enough? Good things come to those who wait.

But, it’s fifteen dollars. That’s a lot to me… that can buy me an extra game! I’m no rich dude, who gets 50-100$ allowance a week. I get a measely 20$.

Then save a little. Surely you can make a game last for more than a week.

Make a game last for more than a week? I don’t understand.

Sorry, it’s just that I really want this game… THIS week… wait, I can still get it on Friday, being allowance day, giving me enough… but then I wouldn’t get to meet a cool RPGCer, or get it cheaper.


Such pwned.

If you want to save the cash so badly, then explain it to your parents. Ask them to give you $5 in advance, so they’ll only give you $15 on your allowance day.

And stop complaining, I get $10 a week, which leaves me with about two friggin’ bucks after I discount the money I spend in buses.

Logical. But you really think I’d resort to asking on a website, before doing that? C’mon, I asked them like, 2 times already.

What are the conversion rates from Canadian to Argentinian?

Look in the couch/sofa/davenport

I’ve got 4 couches. And rarely money gets in those.