Can someone avatarize this pic?

Would it be possible for this picture to be reduced to avatar size without it being horribly distorded? Or is it too big?

Too big. The lines are only a few pixels thick, and it’s about ten times the height. Therefore, the lines would be less than 1 pixel thick vertically.

Damn…I was hoping I’d be able to find a smaller one, but…
I think what I[m gonna do is scan the page of the acual comic book I got it from.

you know, it’d look fine just the way it is, no real need to make transparent…

I didn’t want it transparent, I wanted it avatar-sized, you silly billy gumdrops. :slight_smile:

Like I said, I happen to have the comic book that that image came from, and as soon as I get access to a scanner, I’ll scan it. Smaller, and in full color too. :slight_smile:
In an avatarizable size too, I hope.