Can I just say ...

… that SG’s suggestion that bringing back the ToB would be a way to threaten people is awesome? :3

I foresaw and even opened a topic about this very subject when the ToB was gone. But at that time I mourned for it, which I absolutely don’t now.

I think the only good thing about the ToB is that it kept the main forum clean, since all the trash would go there rather than here. But still, it’s little benefit for lots of headache.

This is why dirty Mexicans are good. :slight_smile:

But as for ToB keeping the MF clean? Hell no. It still got polluted.

Well, the bandwagons in MF back then weren’t so big, nor mentally debased as some of the last few ones.

In another board where I was a mod, we had an area which was called ‘scum bar’, but we usually refered to it as the ‘bottom of the trash can’. Whenever people posted stupid stuff like bandwagonry, the threads were moved there. But no one could post directly there. It was kinda like a hall of shame to those who had their threads moved there. It also served as a warning. People got to track how many threads they’d get there because a couple of threads were a temporary ban, but more than a few threads there got a permanent ban.

Can we please not start this whole argument over again? I mean, I’m pretty sure Eden’s thread was locked for a reason.

interesting observation, but we don’t need another discussion thread about this right now.