can anyone review ffrpg by returnergames?

well, i was wondering if anyone has played this free online (penandpaper) rpg based on final fantasy? i am interested in it but don’t have time to spend dabbling in junk, it doesn’t look like junk, but if anyone can tell me from experience that it isn’t i’d appreciate it. does it capture the console play feel of final fantasy? or is it just like any d20 system? (i know it’s not d20)

i know i could post this request in the forum on their site, but i feel i may get a more objective opinion here. thanks in advance

It’s fairly decent, though it tries to incorporate way too much stuff from all games, which is kind of blah (they have like 30 classes or something). A few nice and broken abilities in there, but nothing that 3e didn’t already do.

As a somewhat experienced player of both 2E and 3E of FFRPG, I’d say it’s pretty decent, definitely one of the most well-built and thought out FF translations.

And even though they do have 32 Jobs, it’s still fairly balanced.

As for capturing the epicness of the console… I dunno. It really depends on the GM and how well s/he does.

Yeah, it’s balanced because the jobs are pretty damn restrictive, which is not something I’m really fond of in my P&P games.

That’s cool, I guess it’s trying to be like ff5 or fftactics with the classes. Of all the ff’s that weren’t sequential I liked tactics the best. Actualy the reason why I was asking this was about six months ago I started converting a p&p rpg I had been making into a ffrpg. Then just a couple weeks ago I stumbled on to this, it is actually quite similar to mine with the rolling and classes and stuff.The thing is, I have only played dnd like 3 sessions and star wars rpg 2 session and wars rpg 6 sessions, so I’m not anything of a rpg pro. I hated all those d20 systems , that’s why I started my own, but if it’s already been done maybe I don’t have to.

Yeah I guess I’d agree with you that the epicness really depends on the GM and the players.

My rpg has only 29 classes (not jobs) each with around 30+ abilities with 3-5 levels for each ability. But I’m not a purist, I’ve incorperated elements that I liked from other video games like ‘legend of dragoon’ and ‘wild arms’ also I’ve included classes that haven’t appeared in ff, like necromancer and pyromancer (runelords saga by David Farland). I think that I will still try to pull mine together even if I play the one already created in the meantime.