Can anyone name this old RPG?

Hi all I just joined!

I was wondering if I can pick the brains of the RPG fanatics out there. I played a great RPG a few years ago on the PS1, which the graphics were in the same region of FF5, to give a idea of the age of this game.

There one or two discs, I cant remember.

I cant remember the title. I can remember the characters. it was a trio team two guys and one lady. the main guy used guns I think to fight and and other guy was blond and could talk to a blue mouse - I think this guy was a thief character.
all I remember is that I loved playing this game, and the intro was something out of a anime cartoon.

has anyone have any ideas what I am on about?


Adrianna x :moogle:

You’re thinking of Wild ARMs, one of the best RGs out there. And one of the rarest. Lucky for you, it’s being rereleased soon, though i wonder if I’ll bother getting it, as I haven’t even beat the first one.

brillant thanks for that! you were right, I cant wait untill it is re-released, I loved playing that game!


Adrianna x :dancer:

Yep it was Wild Arms. The guy who used guns was called Rudy, the other guy with the mouse was Jack and the girl was called Cecilia.

And the upcoming relrease, named Wild ARMs: Alter Code F, will feature three new playable characters, all of whom were prominent NPCs in the original.

Actually, there’s more than that. There’s 5 new playable characters, but 2 of them (McDullen/Magdalen and Mariel) are only temporary.

Wasn’t there going to be a totally new Wild Arms game too along with the remake.

Not for awhile. That’s The 4th Detonator.

Damn. :too bad: