Can anyone help me understand this?

Since Veteran’s Day after the Army’s ceremony at the Mass. State House, I got on the T (metro/subway) and was heading home. I sat next to a girl that would eventually be my girlfriend now. Her name is Grace and she is Korean. That however is not the point. What has recently drove me nuts thinking about since I see it so much, is that is there anything special about the Asian female/Caucasian male relationship that I’ve heard so much about? I myself have an affinity for them, but I never really knew quite why. Being at BU, I’ve also noticed Asian women having an affinity for white guys as well. Can anyone possibly elaborate on this as to why the two seem to have such great chemistry?

If I am offensive in anything I’ve said I apologize, but I still seek answers.

I just one of those things that works. You don’t really see to many asian guy/white girl hook-ups(at least me anyway). But more of your scenerio. It has something to do with this wierd chemical balence that is based on your heritage: something I have no clue about, so you’ll have to do some research, or wait untill someone has a clue about what I just said.

No fucking clue. Been busting my brain wondering why all the dateable Asian girls are dating Caucasian males.

I don’t really see much of that happening at my school…

I wasn’t aware of this, uh, ‘phenomenon’. Maybe it doesn’t exist? I don’t know. I always thought people generally dated within their race, even in America.

Psh, at my school all the Asian girls are stuck up pricks. They really don’t seem to like <i>anyone</i>, much less caucasian males. Though they’re really freakin’ hot, so i wish they did.

Asian girls have in spades what a lot of white girls lack: Honor, pure devotion, and fun-factor.

White guys have what a lot of asian guys lack: They’re, uh… not frigid grade-obsessed superprodigies? I don’t know.

I find that second generation Asians born here are more open to the idea of dating outside their own race.

My parents are an example of an Asian female/Caucasian male hook-up. They met while my father was in the service. But even for the fourteen years(nine that I lived through) that they were together, they didn’t speak. My parents officially divorced when I was ten. Both my mother and father have since remarried, and I’m happy for the both of them. My mother is again with a Caucasian, and it seems to be working out. So I guess there is some sort of attraction there.

I notice that when asian girls turn me down, they’re a lot nicer then non-asian girls.


Asian girls have in spades what a lot of white girls lack: Honor, pure devotion, and fun-factor.

yes, and black guys are the best at partying, everyone from the middle east is a terrorist, and the only way to keep the jewish hand out of your pocket is to shack up in Montana with a shot gun and a large supply of canned beans and ammo.

Large penises.

Thank you BM1.

And if you want to understand why asians might go for white guys or why you see certain kinds of couple more than others, you need to understand the socio-cultural perception of what a race has for another race. For example, asian males don’t have are presented differently in the media and the image that’s given of asian males isn’t as attractive as that of while males. It is also more common to see asian girls females with white males in the media and in some parts of society if a white male got one straight from asia, where a white westerner would definetly be perceived more positively than another asian male. The predispositions people get from the media, imo, have a big effect with people’s perceptions of their and other races and also, depending where you live, there might or might not be an abundance of asians to pair up with other asians. If there is not an abundance of asians for other asians, its obviously understandable that you’ll see them pair up with other groups. Now the question that arises is “why white people”. I’d say it is because asians are most like white people in this society. Asians have been referred to as the model minority because of how well they are perceived to have plugged themselves into society. And what dictactes what is good or bad within the society essentially? White people. So this means Asians adopted a good white standard.

But then they’d be going after black guys.

Actually, believe it or not, my gf Grace found some facts, and it turns out that the avg. white male penis is larger by .2 inches than that of a black one. I found it hard to believe myself but you can go with it if you want. I spoke with my friend in the Army about this, and he’s Korea though adopted. He said that, and this may be ignorant, that white males have an affinity for Asian females because they are a.) exotic and their looks are much different and perhaps more appealing compared to regular white females (no offense), b.) they age better than other races so by the time they’re 50 they still look great, and c.) as far as I’ve seen, white males are also sometimes very interested in their cultures.

On the flipside, he said Asian females tend to like white males because a.) they’re a twist from the ordinary, b.) sometimes, sometimes they find white males/American culture to be less sexist than traditional Asian cultures, and c.) (this might be ridiculous) they date white men as a sign of rebellion against traditionalism.

Difference attracts.

The exotic one is the only one I had heard of. Those are interesting points, Rommel.

I smell a eugenics discussion brewing. I just don’t think I’ll be the one to do it.

No don’t worry. Eugenics won’t pop up…only interracial dating/marrying and the strange phallic theory.

Silly little Caucasian guy shacking it up with a Samurai girl …

She’s Korean numbnuts…there were no Korean samurai.