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“Theirs more than one villain here you know” said a man walking into view “don’t tell them my love” he said as he helped the witch up. “Kill them,” yelled the witch. “You should be honored being killed by the dead king Harold” as he said that he created seven skeletons “kill them” he ordered, “Martha kill Martha”.

“Oh dammit!” Ralph swore. “Is that a necromancer?? OK, things are DEFINITELY getting out of hand. We HAVE to get outta here, Corn!!”
“We can’t leave Martha, they’ll kill her!” the thief replied.
“Oh, alright!! Buy me some time!!” Ralph gasped, as he drew another arrow from his quiver.
Corn nodded, and then- RAN towards the skeletons!!

This move caught the spellcasters by surprise. They thought the young thief was either stupid or suicidal.

Before reaching his skeletal foes, Corn sheated his sword (!!) ran up to the closest skeleton, put both hands on its shoulders, and, as the undead thing lifted its bony claws to strike at him-

-Corn VAULTED over it, head-over-hells like a circus performer!!

The Witch and the Necromancer couldn’t believe their eyes as Corn tumbled across the air, OVER the skeletons and claws-

-and right at THEM!!

Before Harold could even curse, Corn landed right on his chest, knocking him down with his full weight, into the ground, the wind knocked out of his sails.
The witch screamed. “MY LOVE!!”

The skeletons and claws, needing the control of their summoners to operate, were as stunned as they were.

This was the moment that Ralph was waiting for. When he first entered the alley, he noticed all the garbage in the place- oily rotten meat, rags, broken wooden crates, etc. They were all over the place. He dropped to one knee, lit his Flame Arrow with a piece of flintstone he had in a pocket, aimed it, and even as Corn felled the necromancer, he shot the arrow at a particularly big pile of oily rags.

They burst into flames so fast, even he was surprised.

The sight of the flames caused the hands and skeletons to waver even more.

Then, he took off, grabbed Martha’s limp form, threw her over his shoulder, and ran towards the alley’s exit, hoping his agile partner would also be able to escape.

He looked behind himself, and saw Corn tuck-and-roll right between the legs of a tumbling skeleton. He smiled. The undead are deadly, but they’re not particularly dexterous.

With one last look of derision at the evil spellcasters, Corn ran to join his partner.

“We shall die together,” said Harold. “As one” said the witch. “In hell where will be” said Harold “the king and queen” said the witch. “Where we shall get are revenge” said Harold “on the two who killed us,” said the witch as the flames ate them. The smoke raised into a skull shape wearing an evil grin.

I place all the blame on you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ralph and Corn quickly made their way back to their inn, still carrying Martha. Once she had gotten her breath back she had begun to struggle in an attempt to escape.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Ralph warned in a whisper. “If you so much as breathe in the wrong direction, you’ll find yourself in a nice prison cell faster than you can say ‘whoops’, got it?”

After that, she was quite co-operative.

They put her down once they reached the inn, but Corn grabbed her upper arm in a vise-like grip, forcing her to follow them in. She knew it would be futile to try and make them look like criminals after her last attempt. Her face had become too widely known in this town. She had to play along for now, but that didn’t stop her from trying to find escape routes.

With the door safely shut behind them in Corn’s room, he pushed her into a chair and held his hand out expectantly.

She grasped it firmly in her own hand a pumped once. “Martha, nice to meet you, thanks for rescuing me. Can I go now?”

Corn yanked his hand back from hers with a scowl while Ralph snickered in the background. “Give us back our bag, and you can go on your merry little way, and we can forget we ever met.”

She debating pretending not to know what he was talking about, but realized that would be futile and threw the bag at him.

It hit him hard in the chest, but that didn’t phase him as he quickly opened it and dumped the contents on the desk. Just the few coins left over from their shopping, like he expected. He took a dagger from his belt and carefully cut open the seams, laying the material flat on the desk.

Ralph peered over Corn’s shoulder, and his eyes widened with surprise. “A map?”

Let me get this straight

Healer: Martha
Adventurer: corn
Witch: Martha
Necromancer: Harold

Witch dead

Mostly right, except Martha’s a thief, not the healer.

Who’s the healer person then.

Never got her name.

“Now my good man prepare to die” said Harold “ the name is devil” said the devil “lord of hell and I shall not die” he got his huge sword out ready to fight “once I kill you I shall get revenge on corn and Ralph” he took out his sword and used the same technique as corn. When he was fighting someone could tell their was a link between the two.

Kyle, what are you talking about? He’s not fighting anyone, Corn and Ralph are long gone. Try and have continuity and make more sense.

He was in hell and he wants to rule hell so he has to kill the lord of hell first. And he wants to kill corn and Ralph for revenge at the time of that post. Does it make sense now?

Why does he want revenge, what did they do to him? You have to give reasons. And start a new line each time someone speaks, it makes for easier reading.

(Well, it DOES make some sense, Darkness. Harold’s dead (thought he died a bit too easily, in my opinion) he wishes to return to the World of the Living for revenge (He did die in a fire started by Ralph, and since he was a Necromancer to begin with, he might have the power) However, he needs to defeat the King of Hell first. Kind of out of the left field, but we can make it work.

And no, the Healer was never named.

And let’s give JadeDixon a round of applause for having figured out I was refering to a map! Claps In general, we’re all doing good. Let’s continue!!)

“Yes, a map” Corn said, nodding, as he unfolded it. “It was given to me by our latest customer, to find the area where the documents were lost. I decided to hide it inside the secret pouch in our bag, for safekeeping.”
“Wait, wait” Ralph gasped, “Are you telling me those weirdos were after THIS all along?”
“Must be. It’s the only thing of value we have picked up in our time here” Corn replied.
That reminded Ralph about something. He fidgeted in his coat pocket, then gasped-
“Hey! My stone is gone!!”
“Stone?” Corn asked. “What stone?”
“Just a strange stone I found lying on the street outside the Item store. I figured it could be a magic item, so I picked it up and put it in my pocket. But now it’s gone!!”

The two of them then turned their angry gazes at Martha.

“What?” the young brunette said, in (mock) shock. Are you going to blame ME for everything that’s missing?

Ralph’s gaze’s softened, but not Corn’s. “You’re lying” the blonde thief said.
“What? How do you…?” but then she realized that lying was futile; the Ranger was somewhat gullible, but the other guy was sharp as a knife. “Oh, FINE!” she finally blurted, and pulled out the stone.

Ralph quickly picked it up, then looked at it. “What do you think, Corn?”
“Hmm, can’t tell” Corn replied. It might just be a funny-looking stone. We’ll have to take it to a mage for inspection."
“Later” Ralph said. “We HAVE to get out of this town. There migth be more weirdos looking for the map.”
"You’re right. Besides, we have a job to do. " And then the two of them started for the door.
“HEY! What about me??” Martha suddenly snapped.
“WHAT about you?” Ralph angrily replied. “You’re free to go. Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“You can’t leave me here! What if those weirdos still think I have the map?? They’ll keep coming after me!!”
“That’s what YOU get for stealing from people.” Corn said flatly.
“Don’t give me that crap!!” Martha snapped. “YOU are a thief too!! Don’t deny it, I’d know moves like those anywhere!”
Corn actually lost his temper. “How DARE you! I’m a mercenary, not a common thief! Our skills may be similar, but I-”
“Oh, FORGET it, Corn! I don’t think she’ll learn. Besides, we gotta get outta town as fast as possible!”

Corn gave Martha one last angry look -which she returned- and then they left the room.

Thanks, Wil! I’m just glad it seemed to fit with where you were going with it. :biggrin:

And now, on with the show!

“She’s still following us,” Ralph muttered to Corn the third day after they left town.

Corn didn’t say anything. He just kept walking down the road. “The sun’s beginning to set,” he noted. “Let’s find a place to set up camp.”

Ralph disappeared into the woods lining the road, while Corn kept walking. The farther they were the better, but it was too dangerous to travel after dark. It left them too vulnerable.

It was only a short while later that Ralph returned with news of a small clearing they could camp in for the night. Corn followed his friend much deeper into the woods than they’d ventured thus far. Maybe they’d finally lose that Martha girl, now.

“Look, the clearing’s straight ahead, you can’t miss it,” Ralph pointed. “I’m going to set a couple of snares, see if we can’t find something to eat.”

“Perfect! I’ll get a fire started. See you in a bit!” Corn continued cheerily to the clearing, his mood brightened greatly by the prospect of something besides rations to eat.

Martha stumbled blindly around in the woods, trying to find the two men. Why oh why hadn’t she learned how to track better?

She saw a figure up ahead and, if the bow was any indication, it appeared to be Ralph. She grinned wickedly. That green rock would probably fetch a hefty sum in one of the larger towns, especially if it had magical properties. And without Corn’s suspicious nature to balance out Ralph’s naivete…

“Oof,” she grunted convincingly as she ‘bumped into’ the other man in the dark. Her hands quickly lifted the stone and stashed it away in one of her secret pockets while giving the impression that she was flailing as she tried to keep her balance.

“Ralph? Oh thank goodness I found you! It’s so dark, and I thought for sure I was gonna get lost!”

“Martha? You followed us in here?” Ralph pinched the bridge of his nose as he felt a headache coming on.

“Are you alright? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” In truth, she was a bit concerned with the pained expression on his face. She hadn’t meant to run into him that hard.

“Fine,” Ralph said cheerily as his expression cleared, and he lowered his hand. “Never better.” Perhaps this could be used to their advantage…

“Martha come to me” the voice was Harold’s. He had sneaked up after the collision and thought this was a good time to show he was there. He summoned two skeletons.
“Ralph you were very clever finding my weakness to fire but my new armor means you won’t be able to use that strategy again,” said Harold. The skeletons walked to Martha.
Corn rushed in “ go to him Martha” said corn. He put his right hand on Ralph’s shoulder and slowly moved it up to Ralph’s neck and grabbed it.

Kyle, it’s easier to read, which is good, but there’s no explanation of how Harold got there, or why’s he’s calling Martha. For the Martha thing, it’s not completely important, though I can’t see how he could do it. I know it doesn’t always do to have an explanation, but you have to have a certain amount of explanation. Still, at least there’s improvement.

Ralph looked at corn after feeling the grip on his neck. “What how are you there,” he yelled. As Martha was walking forward the two skeletons grabbed hold of her.
“Take them to the tunnel I’ll get the other one” said Harold.

Yeah, Kyle. You HAVE good I deas, but you need to develop them better. I think you should let us develop them for you. Just make sure they come at the right time. In a normal story, Harold’s dramatic return would have come in later in the story. And why is Corn grabbing Ralph’s neck? Is he under Harold’s control? You need to explain that before we continue.

Um…the story’s getting a bit confusing, I’m muddled up myself =p
So let me get this straight. Corn and Ralph gets a mission. They met MArtha and fought the two necros. Then Martha gives them a map, and they’re dealing with the map.