Callers who don't leave messages

I only Phone any one if I need to.

Cheers. I hate telephones. They’re the biggest bloody rubbish invented since noise. I do own one but when it’s used it is as an alarm clock or planner.

Who needs to talk when you have text messaging, people? Sheesh.

I used to be like you guys, totally not seeing any point to having a cell phone. I don’t talk endlessly or call someone, not leave a message, and expect a call back. I might not leave a message if it’s not important and I’ll see them later, or if by the time I talk to them again it will be too late to do anything about what I called for. But having a cell phone has advantages. For one, I don’t have to memorize people’s phone numbers, which I was never good at, and I can easily exchange numbers with someone else. It was useful for applying to jobs, because I didn’t have to worry about the employer calling at home and getting half a message from one of my siblings. If my mom is on the phone with one of her sisters and I need to make a call, I don’t have to wait half an hour to do it. And as a delivery person, it makes things significantly easier when I get lost or can’t find an address because it is wrong. Having a cell phone saves me easily 30 minutes in a situation like that.


If I called for a specific reason, I’ll leave a message stating the reason, and asking for a return call.

If I’m just calling to say wassup, I don’t leave a message, and I am not upset if they don’t call me back.

Also, as a side note, whenever I answer the phone, people always ask me if I was just asleep. I don’t know why. Almost every time. Or they’ll ask me what’s the matter. Maybe the fact that I despise talking on the phone comes through in my voice.


I don’t really like the talking to machines (I think my voice sounds funny - and SG, shut up in advance about my Suthern aksceint, kay!) :D, but I’m with the ‘leave a message if you’d actually like a return call’ camp. I guess it’s rubbed off from work; we call each other, and I’m not going to spend the time tracking people down when I don’t know specifically what that person might need or want (read I’m not wasting my time). When I’m calling someone there, I leave a message. Now, friends are friends, but still, I’m not about wasting time. If it’s just to chitchat and you don’t care whether or when I call you back, then don’t leave the message.

Also, it seems like people have forgotten that phones (cellular and otherwise) are devices meant for the owner’s convenience. I don’t have to pick up for anyone, and I really don’t care how many times you call. I can also turn off the ringer (set to ring only once anyway, short ringtone, lower volume, thankyouverymuch, no need to keep the concert going while I fish for the phone) and simply look at caller ID at my convenience should I be irritated by the sound. :smiley:

I hate it when people only leave a “Call me back” on my voicemail. I got rid of it for three years because I was wasting half my minutes calling my voicemail and then returning their call.

Text messaging is great only when the conversation is sweet and short.Although half the time you will find me unblinkingly texting, sometimes I do have conversations I like to discuss with people;I don’t know, maybe because Im a girl and Im not going to waste several pages of a story IN TEXT when I could just tell you.Saves both of us time, no?

As for voice mail, I think it sucks.Although I do check it when I have, 80% of the time it’ll just be my friends stupidly showing how non-sober they are.Which is funny by the way :smiley: and I don’t mind, but it’s a waste of time.If you need to reach me and I don’t pick up, leave a message then.Just not with a bottle of Jack Daniels in your hands.

Voicemail costs money, so therefore is avoided.