Call out Gouranga be happy!!!

From: “Neateye” <>
Subject: Gouranga hey
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 00:36:58 +0100

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga …
That which brings the highest happiness!!

Anyone else get this weirdass email? Anyone have any clue as to what the hell it means? O_o


n/m…Google answers all:

I’ve had worse.

Here’s probably the E-mail I hate the most:

Is it because it makes you feel small?

[li]1x Loan Approval for a Mr. Mtalaian.
[/li][li]3x LegalPlay won Dispute.
[/li][li]1x Viagra, Cilais, Valium, Levitra.
That’s what I’ve received in the past thirty minutes.

I never get weird stuff in my email AT ALL.

Happy me.

I get a load of crap in my Bulk.
Empty Folder button is your friend.

I’ll make sure to forward all mine: wouldn’t want you to feel left out.

Idium Colon Apetite Odd Apetite Song Song Roads Boat Idium Via Ice Herd
Odd Door Ice Fly hat Gonged Colon Rat Seat

xf 1986 57894 30165 03748-29

Copied exactly from my mail. I get alot of these sort of things.

I just got the same email trill. Mega weird. From the same adressee too.

That’s… not really the reason.

Thank… you…

Well, that’s nice… I guess.

I dunno, I rarely get spam. I guess because I don’t have a website or anything, and I dont have AOL, so I dont really get much spam.

Yay for me.

Why do people still read their spam? This is exactly the practice that one should avoid to keep their computer squeaky clean, practically without need for a virus scan. You people should know better. tsk

Just reading it? How is that unsafe? Downloading attachments from it, now thats stupid.

i had a weird email that said he was the anti-christ and he was going to kill all the jews, if I didn’t send the email to another person. I didnt send it.

You bastard you killed Jewish Kenny!

you got an e-mail from President Bush?

just kidding everyone. please don’t hurt me.

no, its just bull crap. Half the people who send them are nazi wannabies like some of my friends, they are kinda crazy. Its just like those bank things, they say they will kill themselves if u wont marry them, and they ask for your bank account so she can give u money so u can bring her to ur country, and the funny thing is, when people dont send them, they say they have commited suicide, but they some how are able to send the email to another person.

well that’s the way the internet is.
you got to take the good with the bad, i guess.

ya i guess u are right…hey wait a minute…nope ur right.