Call of Duty 4

One good thing about me buying a PS3 is that it’s caused me to play more FPS games than I usually do. It’s a genre I usually don’t think too much about.

But if most FPS games are like CoD4 than…than wow. If you own a next gen console, I don’t know what excuse you could have to no own this game. Resistance is no longer the best game on the PS3. Every aspect of it is satisfying.

Can you open your own doors yet?

No it is pretty much like the others, just in a different setting. It is MUCH better than 3 though, but that is probably because it was made by the original developer (Infinity Ward). I don’t know if it is because I’m playing it on the PS3 or what, but it doesn’t look as good as COD3, or even really 2, both of which I played on the 360. However, you do have some nice new gadgets which weren’t possible in the other CoD games (because of the setting). The look and gear of the Marines bother me though since they don’t quite look like Marines. It bothered me in the screenshots, but I was hoping it’d be fixed by the final release. It is a breath of fresh air after CoD3 though, that one was really disappointing.

Well, I beat CoD4 yesterday and I have to say that it is pretty cool. Anyway, here are my thoughts on it. It was cool how when it ended I was a little sad, unlike CoD3 which after half of it I just wanted to end. I had the same feeling at the end of CoD2. I like the weapon variety a lot, each weapon feels good and useful…well except for pistols. I don’t like how it has a bit of a bias towards the sniper rifle though and a lot of missions start you with it. I see why since in most FPSes I’ve played, people love the sniper rifle and over use it, so why not make a game that caters to those people. It has a great challenge and a nice story. I’m not a fan of the constant enemies spawning though, but this is doen since CoD4 is MUCH less scripted than previous CoD games. You lead a lot more of the movement, so this it done to keep things challenging and keep the shooting going. The less scripting is a nice move. I don’t like how you play as the SAS more though. Unlike other CoD games where you play different countries and characters, you almost always play as the same guy an only play as the US for a couple of areas.

As short as it was it’s narrative packed a bit of a punch and I loved the level in Chernobyl.

As someone mentioned before, I don’t understand what’s up with not letting players open doors. It’s like I’m forced to wait for my team to catch up to me. Lame.