Call of Duty 4 DS

Recently I was playing COD4 DS with my buddies recently and I grenaded someone and picked up their sniper rifle. I had 1 bullet, and no scope for some reason, and I tried to kill someone with it and it fired sniper bullets with a machine gun rate and didn’t use any bullets. Any one else have some odd glitches for this game, or for that matter any other games?

Ask Arac about Daggerfall.

Did you even switch to sniper? :open_mouth:

Daggerfall has the title of the buggiest game in videogame industry. Ever. All times and era cathegorised.

No, don’t even try. It’s useless. That thing was bugged for so many crazy reasons. Yet…yet it was one of the best games ever.

Most of the bugs were patched, but it cemented its buggy reputation by that time. The biggest issue with Daggerfall is that it was SO open ended and allowed you to do anything and everything, there may have been a little too much for the small company Bethesda was at that time (needless to say, they learned their lessons and applied them to Morrowind and Oblivion extremely well).