California cops want web-shooters

Dunno if this can actually be done…but you have to admit, it’d be pretty damn nifty. :hahaha;

How vague. Do they mean a gun that shoots a sticky web-like substance to glue them in place or just the typical nylon and\or electric shocking net gun? I suppose the latter might not be too effective in making them not fall, but it would be a prime choice if the police just said ‘fuck it’ and wanted to accelerate the jumper to his chosen conclusion.

Hmmm… Next they’ll want there uniforms to be done like Spiderman.

I think what Caleb says is more likely what they want. Net guns.

I can see it now:

Marvel Comics vs. State of Califonia on copy-write infringement.

Next they will be asking for hammers that shoot out lightning, shields that can be thrown like frisbees, and gauntlets that allow people to control the mysterious cosmic powers of the universe.

Tabloid titles. Meh.

The police in general are becoming more and more focused on non-lethal weapons, expect to see more stuff like this in the future.

Seeing them rolling on the ground screaming for a few minutes is much more entertaining.

if they want non leathal weapons, then y not do like animals, use tranqulizers?

yes this will be a big thing though in the future.

Allergic reactions? Also, try tranqing a jumper. Chances are that he’ll still go splash.

I’ve seen something that sounds like this on an invention show ones. It was a sticky foam that was sprayed on the fugitive, and it would harden and make it almost impossible for the fugitive to keep running away. It was kinda goofy since the divice that shot the foam looked a lot like a flame thrower.

Instead of settling it in courts, we’ll get a cross over comic series Marvel vs. DC style.

The only problem with foam/gooey substances is the fact that they may or may not restrict breathing due to the tightness. Although that can be fixed with making it a rubbery substance.

Weird… who knows what they might think up next!

Cops with silly string!