Cali Party: Bringing Accessories

People always bring all kindsa cool stuff to the party. But what is necesary to be brought this time? I thought it would be better to just make a new thread about it.

First of all, since this is at Framey’s house, what systems do you have Frame? I have a lot, but I don’t wanna BRING a whole bunch :stuck_out_tongue: We NEED a Gamecube and an SNES, though. A PS2 would be nice also.

And then, just any other movies, board games, or any accessories and things that would be cool to kill time with when we’re there.

I will bring Equilibrium.
my ball and cup.
hmm, some other stuff perhaps.

I have a GC, but only 1 controller, my SNES is unreliable and throws fits along with my NES, I have a PS2 and a couple PSXs. My house has wireless so if anyone has wireless on their box we could maybe set up a lan sort of thing. I have a full enertainment system in the living room with a freaking huge TV. Bring games and lots of them too I don’t have many multiplayer.

Edit: oh yeah, I don’t have a VCR, so DVD only.

I have a GC, I’ll bring it along if needed. No wireless though. Should go buy one, it’ an idea.

I’m borrowing FF:CC, if anyone want sot play that, but all the multiplayer I have is Bomberman Jetters, FF:CC, and SSBM.

which reminds me, you never sent the address, do you not want me to come, or did you forget?

Jo the Mighty has Guilty Gear X2 and Soul Calibur II for PS2, which he might be coerced into bringing, just as he might be coerced into showing up. I’ve got Kengo: Master of Bushido for the PS2 (it’s not that great though, more of a single player fighting game, if that makes sense), and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (crappy title, but there are depths to be plumbed in every character’s fighting style).

I’ve also got Point Blank 2, Time Crisis and TC: Project Titan, along with one, count 'em, one GunCon, so if someone could bring another that’s another outlet for multiplayer gaming. I’ve got Timesplitters as well.

Jo and I both have Mark of Kri, which is not a party game per se but is just so damn fun to watch. Within the Circle of Evil here in Frame’s neighborhood we have 4 or 5 dance pads and Jo at least has DDR MAXX 2.

As for entertainment back in meatspace, Jo’s got a set of juggling bags, I’ve got a footbag and a contact-juggling ball (3", acryllic) which I’ll bring.

And if any of you are any good at Z.O.E. brush up on your combat skills 'cause Frame’s got it and he might just bring it out.

…um, I think that’s it. Oh, I’ve also got Robot Alchemic Drive and Twisted Metal: Black, but R.A.D. has a steep learning curve and TM:B in 2-player mode makes it too easy to run out of ammo, so I’ll only bring them upon request.

I have an SNES if needed. It’s not much for looks but it runs well after 12 years, so. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bring DVD films n’ shitnit. Reservoir Dogs, Mystery Men, Better off Dead, Scarface (we can count the fucks! and take bets on ‘em, or play a drinkin’ game with ‘em or something!) My Life With Morrissey. Maybe Family Guy if there’s demand. Also bringin’ my Britcom shit that NOBODY will laugh at but me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not gonna be much for multiplayer game options. I mean, FIFA 2004, that’s about it… and who else is into soccer – or sports in general? – for that matter.

I’ll mail down some condoms, sex toys, and flavored creams ^^

… oh wait, wrong kind of accessories >.>;;


Well, I don’t think Weiila has any multiplayer games, and I don’t have any games at all. Only DVDs I own are anime ones (Ranma ½, Hellsing (<3) and Vampire Princess Miyu)… I <i>could</i> bring some Swedish board game just to be able to lie about the rules to win. =P

Now, if I came, I’d bring stuff like:

  • Three pairs of cat ears.
  • Munchkin. Quite possibly the best way of capturing the HACKNSLASHNLOOT part from p&p Rpgs… with cards.
  • If needed… Excel Saga/Hyper Police (CATGIRLS :D:D:D:D)/Slayers/OMG/OMGMinis/Quite a lot of films
  • My drawings portfolio folder
  • Guess Who?
  • Finnish comics for Trillian’s blossoming Finnish skills >_>;
  • Rye Bread, Carelian Pastries and Zalmiac.
  • Random loot which may or may not be appropriate to carry inside an aeroplane.

But alas… :frowning:

I wanted to challenge people to DDR… >_>;

And get into a state of intoxication in the middle of total strangers >:) (juust kiddin’)

I can bring another GC controller, as well as Soul Calibur 2 for the GC. I’ll bring along some fun lotsa-people-DVDs too I guess, but I don’t own too much. Basically that means I’m bringing The Big Lebowski and uh, maybe The Boondock Saints cause that’s such a badass movie. I don’t want to bring too much that we’re not gonna do shit with though. Eh, I’ll bring them anyways. Also I’ll probably bring my mega set of Sharpies, man I swear, there are like 12 different colors, they’re so much fun to doodle with. :stuck_out_tongue: We can give each other tattoos, haha.

And Charle, you gotta PM Frame to ask for his address, I think.

Also, with all this shit, do you have multiple TVs, Frame? If not, it might be fitting for somebody closer by to bring their TV or something, heh.

Maz, I did, and he said he’d give it in an hour or so, and never did.

Ok, getting a list…I’m just writing down what everyone said they can bring. If you’re new to the party, here’s a tip: Just bring anything you’re interested in bringing. You may or may not use it, but you never know. Also, if everyone here is sure that they can collectively get at least four GCN controllers, then cool. Otherwise, I’ll just bring mine. Lemme know. Also Kaiser, if Frame’s SNES is volatile, I’d say just bring yours, man. Anyways, the current list:


  • GCN
  • PS2
  • SNES
  • NES


  • Neato Balls n’ Cup
  • Equllibrium


  • GCN Controllers and Games

The L.A Gang:

  • Tons of games? :stuck_out_tongue:


  • SNES, and Movies. (I like sports btw, but only old NES sports games :P)


Tons of Accexories… >:D)


  • Various Anime DVDs, and some evil Swedish Bored game. :stuck_out_tongue:


  • GCN Controllers and Games
  • Movies.

and crack, i’ll bring crack!

and I can bring my spare vcr if anyone wants, but, I probably wont.

I’ll bring the ole’ hackey sack. I dont have too many DVDs, but I’ll bring Caddyshack, Manos THOF, annnd Office Space.
I can’t think of any multiplayer games I have except Ehrgeiz, but I’ll bring whatever I can find. Maybe I’ll put Triumph 2099 on a disk since thats a badass hotseat comp game.

And just for you SG, I’ll bring the knowledge of how to get our CTF on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, crap, I forgot I’ve got a buttload of MST3K. It’s all in .avi format on disk, though, and unfortunately my LiteOn player doesn’t like them, so we’d be watching them on computer if at all. Anyone who want’s to see em, just say so and I’ll bring them, all 60+ eps.

Just to let everyone know, I’m going to be out of town thursday till monday. I’ll be on the boards and chat again teusday though for any last minute updates.

Edit: Kero may or may not make it.

Kraken, man do I love you. Can you make copies for me?

I’ll be baking some cookies and send them along with Jing. Any requests? :slight_smile:

bananananananananananana bat cookies?